Cody Rhodes Opens Up on Relationship with Triple H and WWE Ring Reunion Hurdles


Cody Rhodes Opens Up on Relationship with Triple H and WWE Ring Reunion Hurdles
Cody Rhodes Opens Up on Relationship with Triple H and WWE Ring Reunion Hurdles

Cody Rhodes, the talented wrestler and AEW star, has never been shy about acknowledging the influence and respect he holds for WWE's Chief Creative Officer, Paul "Triple H" Levesque. From destroying Triple H's throne to performing his signature move, The Pedigree, Rhodes has openly displayed his admiration for the wrestling legend.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Rhodes expressed his gratitude for any opportunity to work with Triple H, who he refers to as "a blessing." Even during the controversial moment when Rhodes demolished Triple H's throne, he emphasized that he holds a deep reverence for the man behind the character.

Rhodes admitted that Triple H has been a dream match for him, and he drew inspiration from "The Game" when crafting his performances in AEW.

Obstacles to WWE Ring Reunion

However, despite their mutual respect and admiration, it seems that there are barriers preventing them from sharing the WWE ring together.

Rhodes revealed that Triple H's health condition, presumably referring to his heart condition, is a significant factor hindering any potential wrestling match between them. Cody recognizes that Triple H possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that he would love to learn from, but he also understands that such opportunities may not come around indefinitely.

Interestingly, Rhodes believes that Triple H's protective instincts play a role in preventing them from collaborating more closely. As the son of the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, Cody feels that Triple H views him with a sense of caution and respect for his father's legacy.

It's likely that Triple H wants to ensure Cody's safety and legacy as well. Despite these obstacles, Rhodes is optimistic that there might be opportunities for future interactions between the two wrestling stars. He pointed out that Triple H has allowed him to use The Pedigree, which indicates an open door for potential collaborations down the line.

Cody remains hopeful that, in some capacity, "The Game" and "The American Nightmare" may cross paths in the wrestling world, creating a memorable moment for fans of both AEW and WWE. In the world of professional wrestling, where dream matches and unexpected rivalries often come to life, fans can only hope that someday Cody Rhodes and Triple H will have the chance to step into the ring together, allowing their mutual respect and talent to shine on a grand stage. Until then, the wrestling community eagerly awaits any potential developments in this intriguing storyline.

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