Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Aligns WWE's Bloodline with 4 Horseman & NWO


Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Aligns WWE's Bloodline with 4 Horseman & NWO
Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Aligns WWE's Bloodline with 4 Horseman & NWO

With WWE SummerSlam just around the corner, the wrestling world is abuzz with the highly anticipated main event. It's set to see Jey Uso challenge Roman Reigns not only for the prestigious Undisputed WWE Universal Championship but also for his standing as the Tribal Chief.

The Bloodline, having scorched a fiery trail across wrestling for several months, garners unyielding attention and commentary. One such intriguing analysis comes from ex-WCW luminary "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan, who recently expressed his views on his podcast, "Tuesday with the Taskmaster." Sullivan drew parallels between The Bloodline and two titan factions of wrestling history: The Four Horsemen and the New World Order (NWO).

According to this seasoned WCW warrior, these groups share fundamental elements, which he credits for their sky-high elevation in the wrestling sphere.

Sullivan Compares Wrestling Factions

Sullivan delved into his thoughts, saying, "As I delve into contemporary wrestling, The Four Horsemen instantly come to mind, followed by NWO, and now The Bloodline.

I started pondering about their commonalities... and it dawned on me. The Four Horsemen, NWO and now The Bloodline, each was powered by a quartet of performers at their prime. Additionally, each faction had a manager, like J.J.

Dillon, Eric Bischoff, and Paul Heyman. They had a person to guide them back on track during interviews and generate heat without even needing to perform." He went on to explore the pitfalls of expanding a faction beyond its optimal size, suggesting that success often dwindles when too many new faces join the group.

Citing Paul Roma's addition to the Four Horsemen as an instance, Sullivan opined that Roma failed to harmonize with the existing dynamic. Sullivan is relieved to observe this blunder not being repeated with Roman Reigns and his family's narrative.

Sullivan emphasized, "The Bloodline hasn't, and hopefully, will never commit that mistake. Observing the NWO, we assumed their overwhelming popularity could rub off onto any new entrants. However, we realized that these new additions didn't receive the intended popularity boost, leading to a dilution of the NWO's prestige." He lauded WWE's Bloodline storyline for successfully sustaining fan interest over an extended period.

As a past member of WCW's creative think tank, Sullivan acknowledges this feat's challenging nature. "It's far tougher to maintain popularity than gaining it in the first place," Sullivan remarked. "And that's precisely where The Horsemen, the NWO, and now The Bloodline, shine. They've managed to sustain interest, which is a remarkable achievement."

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