Kurt Angle on Why Carlito Lost in WWE Debut

Kurt Angle's Candid Insights on WWE's Backstage Dynamics

by Noman Rasool
Kurt Angle on Why Carlito Lost in WWE Debut

In a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle shared his insights on Carlito's brief cameo at Backlash and the rumors surrounding a potential full-time return to the company. As the discussion unfolded, Angle delved into why Carlito's initial stint in WWE didn't pan out as expected.

Despite acknowledging Carlito's immense talent, Angle pointed out that one critical factor hampering his success was his reluctance to speak up and assert himself. Angle emphasized the importance of advocating for one's opportunities in the wrestling business, suggesting that while it didn't require excessive aggression, a wrestler needed to find their voice and express their desires to management.

"Carlito had all the talent in the world, but he never spoke up, [and] kept quiet," Angle stated candidly. "When you're not letting your voice be heard, you become invisible, and that's what happened."

Navigating Backstage Politics Effectively

Highlighting the significance of backstage politics, Angle clarified that they weren't always negative and could serve as a means for talent to assert themselves within the company.

Many successful main event stars had established positive relationships with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, which Angle believed Carlito lacked during his first run. "He never had meetings with Vince. He just kept quiet," Angle revealed.

"Having a great relationship with Vince can make a difference in how your character and career are shaped." Carlito's iconic apple spit, synonymous with his character, initially started as a one-off moment. However, McMahon's involvement saw it become a regular part of his persona.

Angle suggested that Carlito's passive approach to creative decisions might have contributed to the lack of character development during his first run. In hindsight, Carlito himself has acknowledged that he should have been more proactive during that period of his career.

However, Angle expressed optimism about a potential second run for the Puerto Rican Superstar, noting that his added experience and life skills would likely benefit him in navigating the backstage dynamics and asserting his creative input.

As fans await Carlito's potential full-time return to WWE, it remains to be seen whether he will seize the opportunity to assert himself and leave a lasting impact in the company. With talent and charisma already in his corner, Carlito's willingness to speak up and engage with management could be the missing piece to a successful and fulfilling wrestling journey in WWE.

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