Booker T: Commentary on Raw & SmackDown Demanded More 'Political Correctness'

Booker T discusses contrasting commentary styles in WWE.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T: Commentary on Raw & SmackDown Demanded More 'Political Correctness'

Hall of Famer Booker T recently sat down with Chris Van Vliet to discuss his experiences as a commentator in professional wrestling. During the interview, he shed light on the contrasting dynamics he faced while providing commentary for Raw and SmackDown compared to his work at his promotion, Reality of Wrestling.

Booker T candidly shared that when he was on the commentary team for Raw and SmackDown, the environment demanded higher political correctness. While he thoroughly enjoyed being part of the WWE's flagship shows, he often found himself navigating a fine line to adhere to the company's standards and practices.

Having someone giving him direction through his earpiece during live broadcasts added to the challenge, as it limited the spontaneity he could bring to his commentary.

Creative Freedom at NXT: Booker T's Authentic Commentary

In stark contrast, calling the action in NXT gave Booker T a sense of liberation, allowing him to be his authentic self on air.

At NXT, he could embrace his personality and be more relaxed, enabling him to mix moments of seriousness with the trademark humor and catchphrases that fans have come to love. Whether discussing the intricacies of in-ring technique or playfully invoking his signature phrase, "shucky ducky quack," Booker T revealed his creative freedom at NXT.

For the legendary wrestler-turned-commentator, striking a balance between being serious and injecting fun into his commentary was essential. While he focused on delivering insightful analysis, his ultimate priority was spotlighting the young talent, helping them gain exposure and credibility in the industry.

Booker T cherished the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences with the next generation, hoping to give them the much-coveted "rub" that could elevate their careers to new heights. Booker T's interview with Chris Van Vliet provided a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of his commentary career in WWE.

While he relished the high-profile platforms of Raw and SmackDown, he recognized the need to be more politically correct, sometimes hindering his ability to express himself fully. On the other hand, NXT allowed him to be his true self, giving him the freedom to connect with the audience more authentically and entertainingly.

Throughout his commentary journey, Booker T's commitment to spotlighting young talent remained unwavering as he continued to play an integral role in shaping the future of professional wrestling.

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