Fuego Del Sol Grateful for AEW's Support: Unused Roster Members Still Getting Paid


Fuego Del Sol Grateful for AEW's Support: Unused Roster Members Still Getting Paid

In a recent interview, former AEW star Fuego Del Sol shared his thoughts on the size of the AEW roster and how it affects specific talents' screen time. Acknowledging the incredible work ethic and talent within the locker room, Fuego expressed his support for all roster members receiving a paycheck.

However, he also highlighted the concern that some deserving skills need to be able to showcase their abilities. When asked about the impact of an extensive roster on specific talents, Fuego replied, "Yes and no. I'll never be mad at people collecting a paycheck, man.

Some so many guys work so hard in that locker room; some guys are so talented that they haven't got to show it yet." He specifically pointed out The Gunns, praising their dedication to their craft and charisma, which often needs to be noticed due to limited exposure.

Another example he mentioned was Anthony Agogo, an Olympic wrestler who has transitioned into professional wrestling with tremendous dedication yet still awaiting his moment to shine despite his legitimate background and exceptional skills.

Balancing Talent: Fuego's Structural Vision

Fuego firmly believes that all talents deserve to be compensated for their efforts and dedication to the business. Instead of advocating for roster cuts, he emphasized the need for better programming and structural balance to ensure that every talent gets their chance to thrive.

With the addition of promotions like Ring of Honor, Collision, and house shows, Fuego suggested implementing a more comprehensive system to track talent progress and match quality. "Incorporate a grading system, and evaluate how their matches perform here, here, and here.

Should we get him on the show more, or should we get him on the show less? There's a balance to it all," he stated. By adopting such an approach, AEW could maximize its roster's potential, allowing talents to grow and evolve while maintaining a fair distribution of opportunities.

Despite acknowledging that, at times, it can be frustrating when specific talents aren't utilized as much as they should be, Fuego reiterated that his primary concern lies in supporting his fellow wrestlers and their livelihoods.

He firmly believes that with the proper structure, AEW can continue to thrive and provide fans with an even more dynamic and captivating product. In conclusion, Fuego Del Sol's stance highlights the complexities of managing an extensive roster in a rapidly expanding promotion.

While ensuring talent is adequately utilized can be challenging, he emphasizes recognizing hard work, skill, and dedication by giving everyone opportunities to shine in the spotlight they deserve.