Grayson Waller Discusses Fractured Leg, Worries About Impact on WWE Opportunities

Navigating through adversity, Grayson Waller shares his poignant journey.

by Noman Rasool
Grayson Waller Discusses Fractured Leg, Worries About Impact on WWE Opportunities

In the thrilling world of "WWE SmackDown," rising star Grayson Waller, recently promoted to the main roster, has been making quite a stir. However, his journey to the spotlight was nearly derailed by an unfortunate event in his final bout in "NXT." Waller, a boisterous Australian, was drafted in April's WWE event after impressive performances following his signing with the company during the pandemic.

Before advancing his career, he had one last opportunity to demonstrate his skills against "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes. However, a risky maneuver landed him in a precarious situation, as he revealed in a candid conversation with "Out of Character." Waller recounted, "I attempted an elbow through the table and felt a twinge in my leg.

I didn't consider it serious until I tried a rolling stunner from outside the ring. The pain was excruciating... I was foolish to jump on it."

"Wrestler's Worries Amid Injury Revelation"

After the match, Waller found himself in the medical facility, facing an emotional rollercoaster.

"I had visions of my Draft prospects dissipating. I thought maybe I wouldn't get drafted at all," Waller admitted. "When the doctor confirmed my leg was broken, it was devastating." Despite the abrupt conclusion of his match, Waller wasn't ready to let his Draft prospects fade.

The former schoolteacher used his setback as fuel for his determination. "Rehab was grueling, and I hope never to repeat it. Yet, it offered me perspective on how much I love what I do. I was determined not to let the injury hinder me," he insisted.

Waller embraced the recovery period with unwavering resolve, aiming to return even stronger than before. He simultaneously prepared for the Draft, looking forward to joining the main roster. Despite his unmatched confidence and a shorter recovery than expected, the 33-year-old endured an agonizing wait to learn his fate.

Waller has since put on ten pounds of muscle, illustrating his dedication. His appearance on "SmackDown" has been a refreshing change of pace, with his debut proving he can deliver on his boasts. I'm at my peak right now. The injury, as well as my position in the Draft, might have been a blessing in disguise," Waller mused.

Grayson Waller