Hulk Hogan Reminisces on Ric Flair's Wild Demand Following Life-Threatening Surgery


Hulk Hogan Reminisces on Ric Flair's Wild Demand Following Life-Threatening Surgery
Hulk Hogan Reminisces on Ric Flair's Wild Demand Following Life-Threatening Surgery

During a recent episode of "This Past Weekend," wrestling legend Hulk Hogan shared an amusing yet poignant anecdote about Ric Flair's audacious request following a precarious surgery in 2017. Hogan reminisced, "When Ric faced that severe health predicament, I received a distressing call from Wendy, indicating the situation was dire." Responding urgently, Hogan and his companion, Jimmy Hart, immediately secured a flight to Atlanta to be at Flair's side.

Upon arrival, the attending physician pulled Hogan aside and briefed him on the grim scenario.

"Doctor's Grim Prognosis for Flair"

The doctor explained, "Your friend has inflicted considerable damage on his body, with some internal parts nearing necrosis.

His odds of surviving the impending surgery are meager, at just five percent." Hogan and Hart stood by in the waiting room with bated breath, hoping against all odds for their friend's recovery. "After what seemed like an eternity, the news arrived - Ric was still with us," Hogan recalled.

Amidst the teary relief from Flair's girlfriend and his daughter Ashley, Hogan found himself at Flair's bedside, holding his hand. "Against all odds, he woke up," Hogan continued. "His first words were directed at me. Looking up, he said, 'Hogan, fetch me a six-pack.'

I was taken aback. The audacity in his request, especially after such a harrowing experience, was both mind-boggling and indicative of his spirit." In addition to recounting this unforgettable moment, Hogan highly praised Flair.

He acknowledged him as one of the industry's best, dominating the southern territories while Hogan was a headline act at Madison Square Garden. However, Hogan revealed that when Flair transitioned to WWE, he harbored hopes for him to rise to prominence.

"It may sound arrogant," Hogan confessed, "but I could wrestle anyone during that period. Be it Flair, Kamala, or Paul Orndorff, it didn't matter. We were selling out at every event. My ambition for Flair was for him to gain traction, providing me with a worthy opponent to compete against and chase." Hogan reflected on the grueling but rewarding old-school wrestling lifestyle, "For me, the thrill was in the chase, the glory, and the income. The financial reward was substantial despite the constant travel and physical toll."

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