Konnan Slams Bray Wyatt: Calls for WWE to Cut Ties Over Performance and Issues


Konnan Slams Bray Wyatt: Calls for WWE to Cut Ties Over Performance and Issues
Konnan Slams Bray Wyatt: Calls for WWE to Cut Ties Over Performance and Issues

Bray Wyatt, the previous Universal Champion in WWE, has been notably absent from the wrestling ring for more than six months due to an unpublicized ailment. This health concern, unfortunately, thwarted proposed plans for a thrilling feud featuring Bobby Lashley, Uncle Howdy (commonly recognized as Bo Dallas), and Alexa Bliss.

As a high-cost star, Wyatt's ongoing absence and associated uncertainties are drawing criticism from industry experts, including "Keepin' It 100" host and AAA Head Booker, Konnan. Konnan, an avid supporter of Wyatt, is worried about his stability, and is raising eyebrows by suggesting the issue may be mental health-related, a claim not yet substantiated.

"I'm a big Bray Wyatt fan but he's too much trouble," said Konnan. He went on to emphasize the inconsistency in Wyatt's performance due to his unreliability, pointing out, "His matches aren't good and as creative as he is, $3 million for what he's doing?" He recommended WWE should consider cutting ties with the erratic wrestler.

Wyatt's Health, Bliss's Pregnancy Complicate WWE Plans

Earlier this month, there were reports of Wyatt still grappling with his mysterious health problems. As a result, WWE seems to be in a bind, reluctant to craft plans for the beloved star due to the complexity of his health clearance.

To further complicate matters, Alexa Bliss, a vital player in the intended narrative, announced her unexpected pregnancy. Bliss's unexpected maternity news is another reason for WWE Creative to hit the pause button. She was a key part of the intended storyline involving Wyatt, and her sudden departure from the scene was a considerable blow.

Upon the surprising announcement, Bliss was noted as calling her pregnancy "completely unexpected," as she proudly showed off a "Best Oops Ever" onesie, signifying the upcoming arrival of her child with her spouse, renowned recording artist Ryan Cabrera.

The constant uncertainties surrounding the high-profile, yet frequently absent star, Bray Wyatt, make his future in WWE increasingly unclear, according to industry insiders. The entire situation remains a h*t topic within the wrestling world and poses many questions about the economic prudence of keeping such an unpredictable talent on the roster.

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