Rob Van Dam Talks About Uneasy WWE Love Story with Stephanie McMahon

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Rob Van Dam Talks About Uneasy WWE Love Story with Stephanie McMahon
Rob Van Dam Talks About Uneasy WWE Love Story with Stephanie McMahon

The latest edition of Rob Van Dam's "1 Of A Kind" podcast spotlights former colleague and current WWE Chief Content Officer, Paul "Triple H" Levesque. One intriguing segment of the episode delved into a previously planned but ultimately scrapped love interest plot involving Van Dam and Stephanie McMahon back in 2001.

Van Dam, known for his electrifying performances in ECW, opened up in greater detail about his discomfort with this particular storyline. "I could see where the story was heading and it made me uneasy," confessed Van Dam. He attributes his anxiety primarily to the anticipation of jealousy from his girlfriend at the time, which would stir up unnecessary domestic issues.

Van Dam Resists Romantic Plot

In response to this brewing unease, Van Dam firmly stated, "I just want to wrestle. I don't want to immerse myself in storylines of this nature." He first voiced his concerns to Stephanie McMahon, though he doesn't recall who was the initial confidant.

McMahon tried to placate him by likening their roles to actors playing parts, but her attempt fell short. In spite of Stephanie McMahon's best persuasion efforts, Van Dam remained unconvinced, prompting him to consult producer Bruce Prichard.

"I was pretty green back then," reflected RVD, "still figuring out the ropes and who to talk to about what." Prichard received Van Dam's reservations well, expressing appreciation for his honesty. But Van Dam's respite was short-lived.

Upon returning for the next television shoot, he was shocked to discover the script intended to further develop the controversial romance angle with McMahon, contradicting his clear expressions of discomfort. Frustration led Van Dam to confront Prichard vehemently, only to be diffused by the calming presence of Paul Heyman.

Once the storm had passed, Van Dam had a productive meeting with the WWE creative team, which may have included Prichard. The collaborative session resulted in a win-win solution by weaving Chris Jericho into the narrative as McMahon's love interest, which allowed the storyline to continue while respecting Van Dam's personal boundaries. This resolution enabled all parties to progress on agreeable terms, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the WWE.

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