Daughter of Sgt. Slaughter Reveals WWE Approached Her Father to Mentor Lacey Evans

Unveiling tensions, Sgt. Slaughter's daughter discusses an ongoing WWE controversy.

by Noman Rasool
Daughter of Sgt. Slaughter Reveals WWE Approached Her Father to Mentor Lacey Evans

Kelly Slaughter, the daughter of WWE Hall of Fame inductee Sgt. Slaughter has recently opened up about a simmering controversy involving her legendary father and WWE talent, Lacey Evans. She voiced her dissatisfaction and criticism over Evans' appropriation of her father's iconic wrestling persona during a candid interview with "Wrestling Epicenter." The crux of Kelly's displeasure lies in Evans adopting Sgt.

Slaughter's signature military gimmick, alongside his unique outfit. She deems it disrespectful, an insult to her father's lasting legacy in professional wrestling. According to Kelly, the WWE propositioned Sgt. Slaughter to step in as Evans' mentor, a proposition he emphatically declined.

"Sgt. Slaughter's Rejection of WWE's Proposal"

"People aren't aware that WWE approached my father with the proposal of managing her and helping to establish her reputation. He rejected it. I firmly believe that should have been the point of cessation," Kelly elaborated.

She clarified her stance, stating that while it would have been appropriate for Evans, a military veteran in her own right, to adopt an army persona, incorporating the iconic Cobra Clutch submission move into her repertoire was crossing a line.

Kelly insisted that Evans could've utilized the move under a different name, thereby maintaining her father's dignity and the move's heritage. "My father sought permission from the Iron Sheik before using the Camel Clutch, which he renamed the Cobra Clutch.

She added that such a gesture showed respect for the move's history and its original user, which I wish Lacey would have done," she added. In January, Evans debuted her new character, highlighting her military background and utilizing the Cobra Clutch for the first time against Jazmin Allure.

Months later, she unveiled new ring attire, conspicuously similar to Sgt. Slaughter's legendary look. The ensuing controversy sparked a heated exchange between Kelly and Evans, the former referring to the latter as a "poser." Sgt.

Slaughter himself stepped into the fray, proposing that Evans or a WWE scriptwriter should have reached out to him for permission before utilizing the Cobra Clutch. Kelly's words have added a new dimension to the controversy, revealing her father's stance and sparking further debate in the wrestling community.

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