Laurinaitis Deems Konnan 'Too Old' for WWE Commentary Role


Laurinaitis Deems Konnan 'Too Old' for WWE Commentary Role

In the often age-biased world of professional wrestling, industry stalwart Sting continues to defy norms by maintaining competitive relevance well into his twilight years. On the flip side, veterans like Paul Wight have opted to sever ties with WWE, citing age-related decline in opportunities.

Among those who can relate to this predicament is wrestling luminary Konnan, who shared on his podcast, "Keepin' It 100", a personal experience highlighting WWE's discriminatory age policy.

Laurinaitis Blocks Konnan's WWE Bid

Konnan reminisced about a time when he aspired to secure a commentator role with WWE.

However, his encounter with John Laurinaitis, known in wrestling circles as Johnny Ace, swiftly extinguished those hopes. Laurinaitis questioned Konnan's age, which at the time was a relatively youthful 37, and promptly deemed him 'too old' for the job.

Konnan, taken aback, retorted, "Are you going to broadcast my age on TV, plus, your brother is even older than me," highlighting the apparent inconsistency and inherent bias in Laurinaitis's approach. The age factor has been a point of contention among fans when debating WWE's commitment to its wrestlers, such as LA Knight.

Konnan pointed out that WWE is unlikely to expose a wrestler's age, thus making it an irrelevant consideration. He emphasized the need for the company to capitalize on h*t commodities like Knight, asserting that allowing talent to lay low is a surefire recipe for falling into obscurity.

"LA Knight should not be silenced," asserted Konnan. "Currently, he is on fire, and if WWE fails to utilize him or he doesn't assert himself, his momentum could dissipate rapidly." He warned that a forced resurgence after a period of inactivity might not work out, leaving Knight's career hanging in the balance. In contrast, seizing the current momentum, Konnan contends, would be the smarter play.