GUNTHER Surpasses Randy Savage's Legendary Intercontinental Championship Reign

GUNTHER and McIntyre set for epic championship clash!

by Atia Mukhtar
GUNTHER Surpasses Randy Savage's Legendary Intercontinental Championship Reign

WWE's Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER, is solidifying his place in wrestling history as he inches closer to becoming the longest-reigning titleholder in the prestigious championship's annals. According to the latest report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by renowned journalist Dave Meltzer, GUNTHER has surpassed the legendary "Macho Man" Randy Savage's reign, securing the record for the third-longest Intercontinental Championship reign at an impressive 414 days.

GUNTHER's remarkable journey to championship glory commenced on the June 10, 2022 edition of "WWE SmackDown," where he triumphed over Ricochet to capture the Intercontinental Championship. Since that momentous victory, the Austrian powerhouse has successfully defended his title on 12 occasions against a diverse array of challengers.

Guided by the presence of his trusted allies, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, as part of Imperium, GUNTHER has managed to fortify his reign, knowing his comrades have his back when the going gets tough.

SummerSlam Showdown: GUNTHER vs.


Next week's WWE SummerSlam is set to host a thrilling showdown, with GUNTHER slated to defend his title against the formidable Drew McIntyre. Their paths previously crossed at WWE WrestleMania 39, where GUNTHER stood tall against both McIntyre and Sheamus in a triple threat match.

However, following the grand spectacle, McIntyre took a brief hiatus, but his return was nothing short of explosive, as he stormed back onto the scene, leaving no doubt that he still harbored championship aspirations. To etch his name into the record books as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER faces the daunting task of holding the title for another 40 days.

Above him in the hallowed list stand wrestling icons Pedro Morales, whose reign extended an impressive 424 days, and the Honky Tonk Man, who etched his name in history with a remarkable 453-day reign. As a former world champion, GUNTHER fully understands the gravity of the challenge that awaits him when he squares off against McIntyre in a thrilling singles match.

The Scottish Warrior will undoubtedly bring his A-game, seeking to halt GUNTHER's pursuit of record-breaking glory. The wrestling world eagerly awaits this epic confrontation at SummerSlam, where GUNTHER's reign will be put to the ultimate test, and his legacy as one of the Intercontinental Championship's greatest champions hangs in the balance.

Will he overcome the tenacious Drew McIntyre and etch his name into wrestling lore as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time? The answer lies within the hallowed squared circle, where history will be made, and legacies will be defined.

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