Xavier Woods Advocates WWE Spotlight for Chad Gable

Xavier Woods praises underappreciated talent in WWE roster.

by Noman Rasool
Xavier Woods Advocates WWE Spotlight for Chad Gable

In a recent edition of "Superstar Crossover," WWE's Xavier Woods passionately championed Chad Gable as the most underrated wrestler in the business, expressing his strong desire to see Gable shine even brighter in the spotlight.

Currently thriving alongside Otis and Maxxine Dupri in the Alpha Academy, Gable has showcased his remarkable skills in regular televised segments, but Woods firmly believes there is more untapped potential in the former tag team champion.

Woods' admiration for Gable stems from the latter's impressive background as an Olympic-level wrestler, seamlessly transitioning into the world of professional wrestling and quickly mastering its intricacies. Describing Gable as a multi-talented athlete, agile, intelligent, and highly creative, Woods asserted that he fully supports Gable's rise to prominence in the WWE.

"I want to see Chad Gable get a spotlight because he deserves one," Woods asserted passionately. "He's a guy that came in, Olympic level wrestler and fell into this and learned it quick and is athletic, agile, smart, creative, all of these things, so my vote is for Gable."

Underrated Talent and Wrestling's Meritocracy

While Gable may currently be overlooked by some, Woods acknowledged that he is just one example of the many underappreciated talents in the industry today.

The New Day member, however, emphasized that professional wrestling is a meritocracy, and individuals must constantly prove their worth to thrive in the competitive landscape. "I don't think that there's been a time where there's been more talented people across the board in this industry ever," Woods explained.

"That's not a slight on the previous generation, but I do believe that each generation that comes before you, it's their job to help you become the best generation of all time." Woods is determined to play his part in elevating the industry and fostering the next generation of wrestling superstars.

He firmly believes that the abundance of talent in the current landscape bodes well for the future of professional wrestling, as each performer's growth and success contribute to the collective evolution of the sport. "As we witness the incredible talent present in the industry right now, it fills me with joy for the future of pro wrestling and the limitless potential that lies ahead," Woods expressed with optimism.

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