Britt Baker's Dream Career Match Stipulation Unveiled


Britt Baker's Dream Career Match Stipulation Unveiled
Britt Baker's Dream Career Match Stipulation Unveiled

In a recent candid interview, Britt Baker, the illustrious former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Women's Champion, shared her thoughts on the match stipulation she hopes to conquer during her professional wrestling career. Responding to the question about her desired match stipulation, Baker pointed to a ladder match, an aspiration that simultaneously intrigues and terrifies her.

This sentiment largely stems from her avowed acrophobia, a fact that lends an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to her career goal. "The truth is, I've never been in a full-fledged ladder match," admitted Baker. Her experience with ladders in the ring so far has primarily been limited to being thrown onto them rather than actively climbing them to reach a prize – a briefcase, chip, call, or another coveted wrestling object – dangling precariously above the ring.

Baker's Ladder Match Ambition

The thought of such an endeavor is daunting for Baker, mainly due to her fear of heights. She expressed her inner conflict candidly, stating, "That idea is utterly terrifying to me. Yet, I have this gnawing feeling that before I hang up my boots for good, I must face that fear and participate in a ladder match." Baker went on to differentiate between the terror she feels when being responsible for climbing a ladder and the relative comfort she finds when someone else pushes her from heights.

"If someone else is responsible for sending me plummeting from high up, that's perfectly fine with me," she explained. "However, the thought of being the one in charge, of having to bear the responsibility and the pressure, that's a whole other level of fear." She candidly detailed her apprehensions, explaining the gamut of worries that run through her mind: "You're constantly thinking, 'Don't fall.

Keep your balance. Don't lean back too far.' It's a mental exercise as much as a physical challenge." Despite a ladder match's numerous fears and challenges, Britt Baker is far from backing down. Her declaration has only amplified the intrigue around her career, as fans eagerly await the day she will conquer a ladder match and perhaps, in the process, her fear of heights.

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