Director of “Firefly Fun House” On Wyatt’s Input

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Director of “Firefly Fun House” On Wyatt’s Input

Jason Baker is the director of the Firefly Fun House show that is part of the WWE and the WWE Network. Bray Wyatt is the main character in that show. Jason was on the Busted Open Radio recently where he spoke about how Wyatt helped direct the show.

Wyatt in a recent episode wore a mask that made the show really dark. This is what he stated on the show: "He's the brainchild, man, I honestly cannot just sit and be like, 'I did everything,' no, it was a group effort," Baker said.

"I wake up and go to sleep from text messages from him. Spitballing ideas back and forth with each other, between him, Nick, Tom [Savini], and everybody else, we brought our little two cents to everything. I think that's why it was a success, it wasn't just one person, it was a group effort”.

So the show is not the work of one individual man! Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE TV a few weeks back. He was on an extended break and didn’t appear on WWE TV for many months before his return. Bray Wyatt was previously had a very dark character.

Right now, his character is more colorful than ever before. Wyatt has wrestled some of the best WWE wrestlers during his time with the company. He has not returned to the WWE ring so far.