Rosa Recalls Epic AEW 'Lights Out' Bout with Baker

Thunder Rosa reflects on groundbreaking match and wrestling journey

by Noman Rasool
Rosa Recalls Epic AEW 'Lights Out' Bout with Baker

In a candid interview with Busted Open Radio, the esteemed professional wrestler Thunder Rosa candidly shared her thoughts and experiences on an array of subjects, most notably her unforgettable 'Lights Out' match with Britt Baker on a March 2021 episode of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite.

Rosa reflected on the momentous match, which presented her with various fresh experiences. It was the first time she bled during a game, marking a profound new chapter in her wrestling journey. "This was completely uncharted territory for me.

I had never done a match like this before," Rosa confessed. As she recalled the planning phase of the match, she was committed that she could not afford any missteps. "The magnitude of the match wasn't lost on me. I was acutely aware of its significance, not just for my career, but for the future trajectory of women's wrestling," Rosa asserted.

Building Rosa-Baker Riveting Storyline

The prominent female wrestler highlighted that the detailed, well-executed narrative leading up to the match amplified its impact. "One of the elements that enhanced the impact of the match was the painstakingly developed storyline between Britt and me.

It wasn't a hurried week-long build-up," Rosa pointed out. She reminisced about how the narrative seeds were sown in October 2020, following her bout with Serena Deeb for the NWA Championship. During that match, Rosa lost her title due to Baker's interference, which marked their feud's inception.

This was further magnified by the fact that Rosa wasn't an official AEW signee during this period. The rivalry cultivated over the following months culminated in the highly-anticipated 'Lights Out' match in March. Although Rosa was not officially signed with AEW, and the match's outcome did not officially impact her wrestling record, her victory marked a defining moment in her career.

"I may not have been a signed athlete, and the match might not have technically counted, but that didn't diminish the significance of my victory," Rosa stated. Thunder Rosa's journey and her thrilling 'Lights Out' match with Britt Baker truly showcases the multifaceted nature of professional wrestling, wherein victories are not merely reflected in official records but also resonate in the hearts of the wrestlers and their fans alike.

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