Pro Wrestling Icon Urges WWE to Let Bray Wyatt Go


Pro Wrestling Icon Urges WWE to Let Bray Wyatt Go

In a surprising development, Mexican wrestling legend Konnan has expressed his belief that WWE should sever ties with Bray Wyatt, due to him allegedly being "too much trouble". This comes following Wyatt's return to WWE at Extreme Rules in October, following his unexpected release in the summer of 2021.

The wrestling world was thrilled at Wyatt's comeback, eagerly anticipating his next move. However, Wyatt's presence in the ring has been less impactful than expected, with only one televised match since October, a victory over LA Knight at the Royal Rumble in January.

Nearly ten months of activity, with only one match on record, is far from promising.

Uncertainty Surrounds Wyatt's Health

Additionally, Wyatt has been rumored to be grappling with an undisclosed illness or injury, adding to the complications.

These developments have left his future with the company under a cloud of uncertainty. Konnan, a renowned figure in the wrestling industry, known for his illustrious career in Mexico and WCW and currently a booker for the AAA promotion, spoke about Wyatt's predicament on his "Keeping It 100" podcast.

"I’m a big Bray Wyatt fan but he’s too much trouble. His matches aren’t good and as creative as he is, $3 million for what he’s doing? Yeah, get rid of him." Wyatt's WWE journey has been filled with high and lows.

At WrestleMania 39, he was scheduled to fight Bobby Lashley. Promotional angles for the bout were initiated on TV, only to be inexplicably dropped a few weeks before the event. Consequently, both stars were absent from the WrestleMania 39 broadcast.

The Undertaker, another stalwart of the wrestling industry, recently proposed a solution for Bray Wyatt's ongoing struggle. Suggesting a return to the original roots of his character, The Undertaker expressed his admiration for Wyatt and his work.

He stated, "They need to back Bray’s character up to the original character. His promos, and then his ability to work - he’s an incredible, incredible worker but he’s not getting the opportunity to do it. I hope the best for him, I really do think a lot of him. We’ll see what happens there."

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