Cody Rhodes Names the WWE Superstars Upholding the Reputation of Modern Babyfaces

Examining Cody Rhodes' intriguing evolution in professional wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Names the WWE Superstars Upholding the Reputation of Modern Babyfaces

In the world of professional wrestling, the boundary between babyfaces (heroes) and heels (villains) is often blurred, with many performers operating in a nebulous area known as "tweeners." However, specific individuals have begun to establish themselves as unwavering babyfaces, embodying the spirit of the traditional good guy.

Cody Rhodes, a seasoned WWE veteran, recently lauded these wrestlers during his interview with "NotSam Wrestling," recognizing their contributions to the evolution of the babyface character. "Babyfaces seemed to be on the brink of extinction, but if you look at the current wrestling scene, you'll notice a change," commented Rhodes.

"Noteworthy performers like Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens are bringing back the babyface persona, showing it's not quite as endangered as we thought."

"Rhodes: The Resilient Babyface"

Rhodes, affectionately known to fans as "The American Nightmare," embodies a charismatic babyface, having been received with overwhelming positivity by the WWE Universe following his comeback.

Interestingly, his reception wasn't as enthusiastic towards the end of his run with AEW. Despite constant fan pressure for a heel turn, Rhodes would reiterate that he was a babyface, even though his actions suggested otherwise.

He admitted that this dual identity could be somewhat confusing but noted that it drew little negative response from the WWE audience. Rhodes further elucidated, "I believe that the WWE audience reacted differently to my character because they knew it was authentic.

They could disregard the past due to the grey matter involved and the suspension of disbelief, recognizing that my comeback meant more than just one individual returning to the ring." This sentiment, Rhodes believes, will be highlighted in his upcoming documentary.

He anticipates that this project will offer fans a deeper look into his journey, revealing a man who made a bold gamble on himself, irrespective of talent. He continued, "This isn't just about showcasing my abilities as a wrestler.

It's about demonstrating the courage to bet on oneself and break through barriers, no matter the odds. And I believe the fans recognize and appreciate that authenticity." In an industry often viewed as inauthentic, these perspectives and the efforts of committed wrestlers such as Rhodes, Rollins, Zayn, and Owens, are revitalizing the cherished concept of the wrestling "babyface." The good guy is far from extinct in today's wrestling world.

Cody Rhodes