Rey Mysterio's Health Post-SmackDown Match Update


Rey Mysterio's Health Post-SmackDown Match Update
Rey Mysterio's Health Post-SmackDown Match Update

In the wake of Friday's WWE SmackDown, there is significant interest in the health status of Rey Mysterio following an unexpected injury that resulted in a match stoppage. On the July 28th installment of SmackDown, the Latino World Order (LWO) members Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar were embroiled in an intense one-on-one battle with a shot at the US Title.

They had both clinched this opportunity after emerging victorious in four-way matches spanning the past fortnight. The match proceeded smoothly until a second commercial break, after which Dr. Chris Amann of the WWE was seen tending to Mysterio.

This was not a scripted halt. Genuine concerns arose after Mysterio suffered a blow to his head during the fight, with potential concussion being the primary fear.

Escobar's Risky Dive: Unity Amid Injury

The broadcast included a replay of Escobar executing a suicide dive onto Rey, causing the latter's head and neck to hit the floor violently—a move expected in professional wrestling.

Yet, such a landing can occasionally trigger an unfortunate injury. Despite the abrupt match conclusion, Rey and Escobar shared a moment of camaraderie, signaling their unity. Escobar was initially slated to win and was rightfully awarded the match's victory, although the WWE had planned a distinct finish.

Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer shed some light on Rey's condition in a recent Saturday edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio. "He's fine. There were issues in his match with Santos Escobar, resulting in him feeling disoriented, but he carried on," said Meltzer.

According to Meltzer, the decision to end the match prematurely was linked to a dive move from Rey, which prompted a medical intervention. "The match was stopped before the commercial break when they noticed his prior dizziness.

He wasn't knocked out, but the dizziness had receded," he elaborated. WWE's move to call off the match was out of caution and in the interest of Mysterio's well-being. "Although it appeared he might have had a concussion on TV, it was more a precautionary measure.

I'm informed that he's doing well now, which is good news," Meltzer added. Looking ahead, Santos Escobar is slated to contest his US Title match on the August 11th SmackDown. Despite Friday night's dramatic and worrying events, all is moving forward as planned.

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