Booker T Lists His Most Significant World Championship Victories

Reflecting on his illustrious wrestling career, Booker T opens up

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Lists His Most Significant World Championship Victories

Booker T, a luminary in professional wrestling and a two-time inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, has recently discussed his most impactful World Title wins. Renowned for his prowess in the ring, his career boasts an impressive tally of over 30 championship victories in WCW and WWE.

Booker T points to two significant victories among the array of memorable moments. His first World Title win at WCW's Bash at the Beach in July 2000 is an important milestone. Throughout his tenure in WCW, he secured the World Title four times, his last victory being on the final WCW Monday Nitro episode in March 2001.

His journey took an intriguing turn when WWE acquired WCW in March 2001. After a few months, Booker T made his WWE debut, securing the WCW World Title yet again in a July 2001 Raw episode. Despite losing the WCW World Title to The Rock at SummerSlam 2001, Booker T proudly proclaimed himself a "five-time WCW Champion." Fast-forward to 2006's Great American Bash; as the villainous King Booker on the Smackdown brand, Booker won WWE's World Heavyweight Title, thus becoming a six-time World Champion.

Booker T's Memorable Title Victories

During a recent conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Booker T discussed these remarkable career achievements. Reflecting on his journey, Booker T emphasized his first and sixth World Title wins as the most memorable.

"When I first won it, it was like a magical moment. I just wanted to be the best wrestler in the locker room," Booker shared. The memory of the first championship win is amplified by an earlier comment from Gary Cappetta, who predicted Booker's future victory.

Despite his initial disbelief, Booker T cherishes the memory of that night, which was filled with controversy, as it made the moment even more significant. Equally meaningful for Booker T was his sixth World Title win, when he triumphed over Rey Mysterio, all while his wife, Queen Sharmell, was by his side.

"Winning it with my wife against Rey Mysterio was magical," Booker shared, "Both of those nights were equally magical, resonating to the cosmos." In these recollections, Booker T's humility and dedication shine through, revealing the reasons behind his enduring legacy in professional wrestling.

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