Mideon Reveals Origin of His WWE Naked Gimmick

Unveiling the unique journey of Mideon's wrestling persona

by Atia Mukhtar
Mideon Reveals Origin of His WWE Naked Gimmick

In the sphere of professional wrestling, Kurt Angle has left an indelible mark, a legacy built on breathtaking matches and remarkable segments that eventually cemented his spot in the Hall Of Fame. However, one of Angle's less acknowledged contributions to the wrestling world was inspiring the iconic Naked Mideon character.

This tale of inspiration, as narrated by Mideon on the "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, is indeed as remarkable as it sounds. Mideon shared that Angle, a former Olympian, had a peculiar habit of lingering around unclothed after his wrestling bouts, which led his peers to affectionately dub him the "naked man." As it turns out, this peculiar quirk sparked a prankish idea in Mideon's mind that would eventually evolve into his infamous Naked Mideon persona.

Naked Mideon's Playful Genesis

As the tale goes, Mideon stood backstage, concealed by only a towel, awaiting Angle's return from the night's match. On Angle's return, Mideon playfully proclaimed, "I am the naked man," as he dropped his towel, imitating Angle's routine.

This humorous incident took a significant turn when Blackjack Lanza asked Mideon to join a meet-and-greet. With his towel still on, Mideon headed into the hallway asking, "Where is this meet and greet?" This seemingly innocuous backstage episode soon reached Vince McMahon's ears, who decided to incorporate it into the show.

In an unexpected twist, Mideon found himself being tasked with a run-through of a match, a notable departure from his routine, as word about his naked run-ins reached McMahon. Even though Mideon's Naked gimmick was intended purely for comedic relief and not taken seriously, Mideon holds no regrets.

Reflecting on his time as the "naked man," he said, "It's so funny, that's all anybody ever talks about. People say, 'Oh, that must've been terrible,' but I disagree. In '98 and '99, I was being beaten every single night by Vader and others.

For eight months, I got paid the same amount to run to the ring in my fanny pack." Thus, with a sense of nostalgia and a hint of pride, Mideon recalls his unusual but memorable wrestling journey.