Seth Rollins Reminisces Big Red Boots & Applauds Becky Lynch's Style as WHW Champ


Seth Rollins Reminisces Big Red Boots & Applauds Becky Lynch's Style as WHW Champ
Seth Rollins Reminisces Big Red Boots & Applauds Becky Lynch's Style as WHW Champ

In a recent candid interview with "Complex," Seth Rollins opened up about his memorable experience wearing the eye-catching big red boots during the February 13 episode of "WWE Raw." The WWE World Heavyweight Champion couldn't contain his excitement as he reminisced about the moment he first laid eyes on these unconventional boots.

"I remember the first time I saw them. I had not seen them before. I know they were kind of getting hot. But I'm sitting in my hotel, and [King] Troi brings in this suitcase, opens it up, and out pops these Super Mario-looking things, and I couldn't believe what was happening.

I couldn't believe that he wanted me to wear these things. So, big red boots, man. MSCHF. They're fantastic. They made for a hell of a viral moment in Brooklyn," Rollins shared with a smile. The WWE superstar admitted that he was taken aback by the functionality of these flashy boots.

Initially, he hadn't planned on doing any physicality in them, but he was pleasantly surprised to find a well-designed boot lining inside that prevented his feet from flopping around. Moreover, the additional support on the sides provided more stability than he had anticipated, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Becky Lynch's Style Inspires Rollins

When asked about his fashion choices, Rollins couldn't help but praise his wife, the legendary Becky Lynch, for her impeccable style and shoe collection. He revealed that her influence played a significant role in revamping his own wardrobe.

"It really started about three years ago," Rollins revealed. "I was coming off paternity leave, and I wanted to do something different. My wife, Becky Lynch, her style blows mine out of the water. Her shoe game blows mine out of the water.

Her closet compared to mine, her shoe closet's crazy." Despite being a seasoned wrestler, Rollins confessed that changing his style was initially outside his comfort zone. However, he now confidently embraces his "The Visionary" gimmick and firmly believes that he is the number one all-time stylish male wrestler in the WWE.

As the conversation came to a close, Rollins expressed his genuine admiration for the big red boots and the viral moment they created. With his wife's fashion-forward influence and his own bold choices, it's clear that Seth Rollins is not only a force to be reckoned with in the ring but also a trendsetter in the world of wrestling fashion. Fans can look forward to witnessing more captivating moments and innovative styles from this reigning WWE champion.

Seth Rollins Becky Lynch

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