Ahmed Johnson Talks About His Dispute with Yokozuna During WWE Era

Delving into WWE's past, Ahmed Johnson shares backstage experiences

by Noman Rasool
Ahmed Johnson Talks About His Dispute with Yokozuna During WWE Era

Ahmed Johnson, a prominent figure in the 1990s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe, had a brief yet impactful tenure that reverberates today. His rapid ascension within the WWE hierarchy elicited intense jealousy among his peers, an aspect that Johnson attributes as contributing significantly to his perceived reputation as being "difficult" backstage.

Johnson's experiences in the WWE locker room were far from collegial, with few peers extending the hand of mentorship or offering constructive criticism to help him improve. Scott Hall was a notable exception to this, offering him advice post-match, but the overall hostility he experienced underlined a prevalent sentiment of envy.

During an appearance on the popular podcast "Ten Count," Johnson shared a specific incident, which he believes encapsulates the resentment directed at him. This occurred during his televised WWE debut, where he was asked to bodyslam Yokozuna, a task that caught him off guard, and he was unwelcome by Yokozuna.

Vince's Slamming Order to Johnson

Johnson recounted the incident: "Vince McMahon called me, instructing me to run in and slam Yoko. He didn't phrase it as a question but as a directive. So, I relayed the information to Yoko, mentioning that Vince wanted me to slam him." The atmosphere was rife with tension.

Yokozuna, among others, was envious of Johnson's sudden rise from relative obscurity to topping the card. His response to Johnson's request encapsulated this feeling, "Well, I hope you can get me up because I'm not going to jump for you." Taken aback, Johnson recalled thinking, "So it's come to this, huh?" Upon entering the ring, he was fueled by an indomitable spirit.

Despite Yokozuna's lack of cooperation, he exerted every ounce of strength to accomplish the task at hand. The task was Herculean, but Johnson, brimming with determination, managed to lift and slam Yokozuna. This moment, set against jealousy and uncooperative peers, symbolizes Johnson's resilience in his WWE journey.