Backstage Encounter Dominik & Rhea Ripley with HBK & Dragon Lee at WWE NXT GAB


Backstage Encounter Dominik  & Rhea Ripley with HBK & Dragon Lee at WWE NXT GAB

A whirlwind Sunday unfolded for Judgment Day's Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley, creating a flurry of activities inside and outside the WWE NXT ring at the high-stakes Great American Bash event. Dominik Mysterio, the current "NXT" North American Champion, fiercely defended his title against formidable opponents Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali.

The action-packed bout featured a significant assist from Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley. Known for her robust and strategic support, Ripley shrewdly pulled Ali out of the ring just as he was on the brink of securing a three-count following a well-executed 450 Splash.

She also remarkably crashed Lee through a table, tipping the balance in Mysterio's favor. These interventions set a clear precedent for Mysterio's upcoming adversaries, signifying Ripley as a constant, watchful protector of Mysterio's title reign.

The duo's assertive attitude extended past the ring ropes, as displayed in a tense backstage encounter.

HBK Faces Mysterio, Ripley's Disdain

Shawn Michaels, WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, experienced the formidable duo's audacity.

As Michaels extended his hand in a friendly greeting, Mysterio ignored it while Ripley shoved him away. The interaction concluded with Michaels vociferously remarking, "Daddy, should have spanked your a** when you were a kid," as they sauntered off.

Dragon Lee, another backstage presence, bore the brunt of the duo's brash behavior. Ripley accused him of being a "wannabe Rey Mysterio," and Mysterio, in a surprising twist, labelled his father a "hypocrite." The latter claimed his father selectively aided those resembling him, shunning an "original" like Dominik.

Mysterio's North American Championship is his first individual accolade in WWE, a monumental milestone achieved with significant aid from Ripley and fellow Judgment Day members, Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Mysterio wrestled the title from Lee in the July 18 episode of "NXT," marking the onset of his title reign.

Since then, Mysterio has tenaciously defended his title on the main roster, including a recent successful defense against Sami Zayn on the July 24 episode of "Raw." As the dust settles post Great American Bash, Mysterio and Ripley continue to make waves, blending an intricate mix of competitive wrestling and stirring controversy, a signature of their bold presence in WWE.

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