Teddy Long's Fear: Potential WWE Match for Nick Aldis May Be Wasted

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long advises on Nick Aldis' future.

by Noman Rasool
Teddy Long's Fear: Potential WWE Match for Nick Aldis May Be Wasted

As rumors swirl about Nick Aldis' potential entry into WWE, fans are eager to see the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion showcase his talents on the grand stage. WWE's reported interest in signing Aldis as a backstage producer has led to questions about his in-ring future.

While the Englishman's wrestling opportunities remain uncertain, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long passionately believes that Aldis still has much to offer as an in-ring performer. In an exclusive interview with "SportsKeeda Wrestling," Teddy Long expressed his belief that there's "still money in Nick Aldis." Rather than confining him to a trainer role in "NXT," Long asserted that Aldis deserves a prominent spot on WWE television, embroiled in compelling storylines.

Refuting the notion that Aldis should be rushed into a feud with Cody Rhodes, Long suggested a strategic approach to build his character and credibility first.

Building Aldis' Legacy First: Long's Advice

While a matchup between Aldis and Rhodes would undoubtedly generate excitement, Long urged WWE to allow Aldis to make a name for himself and establish a reputation before locking horns with the "American Nightmare." Long believes this would enhance the impact of any future feud between the two.

"If they want to see Aldis versus Cody, they gotta build the guy," Long asserted. "Let him get some credibility there, build himself, and then slide him into Cody. You stop by Cody one day and say, 'Hey, I ain't forgot about you,' and then keep on walking." The potential feud between Aldis and Rhodes has been brewing since their memorable encounter at the original All In event, piquing the interest of fans across the wrestling world.

However, Long's emphasis on cultivating Aldis' potential by engaging in meaningful feuds with other competitors before facing Rhodes underscores the importance of a gradual build-up. With a career highlighted by numerous championship reigns and a reputation as a consummate professional, Nick Aldis possesses the skills and experience to captivate WWE audiences.

Embracing Aldis' in-ring abilities and pairing him with compelling adversaries would undoubtedly elevate the product and offer fans the opportunity to witness new and enthralling rivalries. As the wrestling community awaits news about Aldis' WWE future, Teddy Long's passionate advocacy for the Englishman's in-ring potential serves as a rallying cry for fans eager to see him grace the WWE spotlight.

Whether Aldis joins the company as a wrestler, producer, or both, there's no doubt that he has much to offer, and the WWE Universe is eagerly anticipating what the future holds for the talented athlete.

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