Arn Anderson Praises Abdullah The Butcher: 'He Pulled Crowds

Reflecting on wrestling's past, Arn Anderson discusses unique personas.

by Noman Rasool
Arn Anderson Praises Abdullah The Butcher: 'He Pulled Crowds

In a recent candid conversation, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson shared his perspectives on Abdullah The Butcher, an iconic figure in professional wrestling. When asked about Abdullah's ability to draw audiences, Anderson asserted, "He was a draw.

Arn vividly recounted an incident from his youth, which left an indelible impression of the intimidating wrestler. At the time, Anderson and his friend Peewee Anderson were only 17 or 18 years old. They were slated to perform at a wrestling event in Rome on Thursday, their greenness evident in their nervous excitement.

As they stood near the locker room door, an unforgettable event occurred. The door suddenly burst open as Abdullah The Butcher, in full character, prepared for his match. His formidable presence instilled such terror in Peewee that the young wrestler was frightened to the point of wetting his pants.

Questioning Abdullah's Savage Persona

Abdullah, The Butcher's persona, was awe-inspiring, and the authenticity of his savage character often left spectators in genuine bewilderment. "Is this guy for real?" was a common question in audiences' minds.

His outrageous behavior and brutal match tactics were so exceptional that they bordered on implausible, prompting Anderson to ponder, "How could there have ever been an Abdullah The Butcher match?" The ludicrousness of Abdullah's matches extended to the blatant disregard for wrestling rules.

He frequently pulled out his signature 'fork stab' move early in the matches, which logically should have resulted in immediate disqualification. Yet, the sheer spectacle of his performance meant that the matches would continue unabated.

This absurdity was not lost on Anderson, who wondered why the referees didn't step in. Despite never having the chance to face Abdullah in the ring, Anderson recognized the essential role the 'savage' played in the spectacle of professional wrestling.

The larger-than-life persona and the unapologetic audacity with which he executed his matches unequivocally established Abdullah The Butcher as an immense draw for the audience, a fact that Anderson readily acknowledged.

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