Jeff Jarrett Reveals Origin of 'Full Metal Mayhem', Discusses TNA Knockouts Roster


Jeff Jarrett Reveals Origin of 'Full Metal Mayhem', Discusses TNA Knockouts Roster
Jeff Jarrett Reveals Origin of 'Full Metal Mayhem', Discusses TNA Knockouts Roster

In a recent discussion, wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett shed light on two significant components of TNA’s rich history: the formation of the TNA Knockouts roster and the inception of the name Full Metal Mayhem. He offered detailed insight into the distinctiveness of the Knockouts roster and recounted the unique circumstances surrounding the christening of TNA's take on the TLC match.

Speaking fondly about the Knockouts roster, Jarrett attributed its success to its distinctive lineup, emphasizing the exceptionalism of each member. However, he singled out Taylor Wilde, referring to her as the quintessential “white meat babyface,” akin to the all-American boy in Ricky Morton's words.

Jarrett Reminisces Wilde's Knockouts Impact

Reflecting on Wilde's early days in TNA, Jarrett marveled at her youth - she was merely 22 - yet possessed an unbridled energy that captivated audiences. Describing her as the "all-American girl," complete with her red, white, and blue outfit, Jarrett appreciated Wilde’s youthful zeal and capacity to bring a new spark to the Knockouts division.

He acknowledged that she perfectly represented the uniqueness that was the cornerstone of the Knockouts' success. Switching gears to the creation of TNA’s Full Metal Mayhem match, Jarrett recollected the creative process behind the naming.

He recounted how, during the third consecutive creative session, the team was tasked by Rudy Charles to reconsider the names of the events for the upcoming three months. Jarrett asserted that the creative room should lay the groundwork for branding decisions as it would be responsible for the eventual execution.

Complete Metal Mayhem was born as they attempted to coin a name that would be both distinct yet evoke the essence of the famed TLC matches. Jarrett couldn't pinpoint the exact origin of the word but emphasized it was a group effort, unanimously agreed upon by the team.

In providing a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes operations of TNA, Jarrett’s recollections encapsulate the innovative and creative spirit that the promotion was built on, underscoring the distinctive factors that make it a beloved entity in the world of professional wrestling.

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