Teddy Long Fears WWE Will Waste Nick Aldis, Pitches Epic Match!

Nick Aldis' Potential WWE Move Sparks Fan Interest.

by Atia Mukhtar
Teddy Long Fears WWE Will Waste Nick Aldis, Pitches Epic Match!

Nick Aldis, the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, has become the subject of intense speculation since departing from Impact Wrestling and entering free agency. Wrestling enthusiasts are eager to witness the Englishman make his mark in WWE, and reports suggest the company is indeed interested in securing him as a backstage producer.

However, Teddy Long, a respected WWE Hall of Famer and professional wrestling expert, contends that Aldis has much more to offer from an in-ring perspective and should not be confined to a purely behind-the-scenes role. In a candid interview with "SportsKeeda Wrestling," Long expressed his belief that Nick Aldis possesses untapped potential and that WWE should capitalize on it by showcasing him on television.

While Long acknowledges that Aldis could excel as a trainer in "NXT," he firmly asserts that the talented wrestler still has significant value as a performer. Long's sentiments echo those of many fans who eagerly await the prospect of witnessing Aldis in high-profile wrestling matchups.

Gradual Build for Aldis-Cody Rivalry

One potential storyline that has piqued fans' interest involves a rivalry between Aldis and Cody Rhodes, particularly after their past encounter at the original All In event. However, Teddy Long suggests a more prudent approach, advising WWE to gradually build Aldis' character and credibility before thrusting him into a clash with the "American Nightmare." "They gotta build the guy, so don't give him to Cody right away," Long emphasized.

"Let him make a name for himself there, let him get some credibility there, let him build him, and then slide him into Cody and you stop by Cody one day and say, 'Hey, I ain't forgot about you,' and then keep on walking." In Long's view, there exists a plethora of potential opponents for Aldis to face before engaging in a rivalry with Cody Rhodes.

By allowing Aldis to showcase his abilities and forge a reputation through various wrestling bouts, WWE can lay the groundwork for a compelling and highly anticipated showdown between the two skilled competitors. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits Nick Aldis' next move, it remains to be seen whether WWE will capitalize on the Englishman's immense potential and provide fans with the epic in-ring performances that Teddy Long envisions.

For now, the excitement continues to grow, and wrestling enthusiasts hope that Aldis' journey in WWE will be nothing short of spectacular.

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