Grayson Waller WWE Move: Zero Fun, No Recommendations!

Emerging WWE Talent's Journey to Main Roster Success.

by Atia Mukhtar
Grayson Waller WWE Move: Zero Fun, No Recommendations!

In the world of professional wrestling, where outcomes may be scripted, the physical toll on the performers is very real. Grayson Waller, a rising star in WWE, recently shared his least favorite hard-hitting move to take during an appearance on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin." Amidst laughter, Waller recounted a particularly challenging experience when he took a Powerbomb from none other than the legendary Edge, and that was far from pleasant.

However, his ultimate pick for the most punishing move had to be Bron Breakker's spear. According to Waller, he has been in the ring with numerous formidable opponents who hit hard, but Breakker's spear stands in a league of its own.

The intensity and explosive power behind it leave Waller with no room for enjoyment. In fact, he candidly stated that the experience is absolutely zero fun and something he wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Rising Star: Grayson Waller's Triumph

Grayson Waller has been making waves since his call-up to the main roster through this year's WWE Draft.

His charisma and talk show segments have been captivating audiences, establishing him as a compelling talent to watch. Although Waller faced a setback with an injury that sidelined him for several months, he made a triumphant return to action sooner than anticipated.

His main roster debut was against the legendary Edge at Madison Square Garden during the July 7 episode of "WWE SmackDown." Despite not securing a victory, Waller's performance impressed fans and critics alike, cementing his potential as a future star in WWE.

As for Bron Breakker, the second-generation wrestler is currently plying his trade in NXT. Despite not being part of the 2023 WWE Draft, it is evident that his time on the main roster is on the horizon. Breakker's devastating spear has already gained notoriety, and it won't be long before he takes the main stage and starts amassing victories with his powerful signature move, as Grayson Waller painfully attested to.

With Grayson Waller's journey on the main roster and Bron Breakker's ascent in NXT, both young talents are set to play pivotal roles in WWE's future. As they continue to entertain and captivate audiences, the physicality of their performances will undoubtedly remain an integral part of their stories in the world of professional wrestling.

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