Wes Lee Lists Logan Paul, AJ Styles as Dream WWE Opponents


Wes Lee Lists Logan Paul, AJ Styles as Dream WWE Opponents
Wes Lee Lists Logan Paul, AJ Styles as Dream WWE Opponents

Wes Lee, known for his tenacious wrestling prowess, is presently devoted to winning back his North American Championship in an upcoming battle against Dominik Mysterio and Mustafa Ali at the Great American Bash. Concurrently, however, he's already envisioning several other aspirational face-offs for the future.

Interestingly, while speaking to "Under The Ring," Lee confessed that his dream opponents are not limited to the 'WWE NXT' contenders, but rather extend to the main WWE roster.

Lee's Unfulfilled Match with Alexander

Lee's wish list includes a myriad of wrestling personalities, some of whom he's shared a close bond with for quite some time.

"Cedric Alexander is probably number one. We've been good friends and have known each other for almost a decade now, yet we've never had a match. I find that kind of crazy," Lee shared. He also voiced an interest in taking on Logan Paul.

"It would be fun," he said, which adds a fascinating dynamic to the mix. In addition to new opponents, Lee is keen on facing some of his past and current rivals too. Despite currently embroiled in a feud with his son, Rey Mysterio - a WWE Hall of Famer and one of Lee's idols - is another person he'd relish an opportunity to square off with.

The sentiment extends to AJ Styles as well, another seasoned professional wrestler. Currently, Lee finds himself in a heated feud with The Judgment Day. This group has been wreaking havoc on the 'NXT' platform recently, and Lee is eager to compete against all members, with the exception of Rhea Ripley, who he admits intimidates him.

While speaking about the influential Finn Balor, Lee expressed his admiration, "I have to give the man his credit. His time in Japan definitely caught my attention and gave me a different outlook on this [wrestling]," Lee said.

"Even though he's the leader of the group that took my championship from me, I've got to hand it to him. I'd love to have a match with him too." The list of Lee's dream opponents continues to grow as he confidently navigates his wrestling journey.

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