Kurt Angle Lauds Chris Benoit's WWE Career


Kurt Angle Lauds Chris Benoit's WWE Career

In the wake of the shocking tragedy that occurred in 2007, where WWE wrestler Chris Benoit took the lives of his wife and son before ending his own in their Georgia residence, the wrestling industry was left in turmoil. The incident still echoes in the hearts of many, even years after its occurrence.

Nevertheless, some who shared the ring with Benoit find it necessary to recognize his undeniable wrestling prowess. Among them is WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, who expressed his sentiments about Benoit on his podcast, "The Kurt Angle Show." “With Chris Benoit, the reality is, he still has a son who’s alive," Angle started.

"The primary reason I discuss Chris is because of his son. His son, who continues to hold his father in high regard, has found it in his heart to forgive his father's inconceivable actions. As horrific as Chris’s actions were, how can we disregard his memory entirely when a young man looks up to him? What kind of impact would it have on him?”

Angle-Benoit: A Six-Year Rivalry

Angle and Benoit's careers intertwined when Benoit joined WWE in 2000, culminating when Angle departed in 2006.

Within this six-year timeframe, they squared off in the ring an impressive 101 times. Addressing the controversy surrounding his words, Angle added, "Whenever I bring up Chris, I'm met with a backlash on social media. Despite this, one cannot deny that he was one of the finest wrestlers to have graced the sport, regardless of his appalling personal actions.

It’s a delicate balancing act. Let me clarify that I do not in any way endorse his actions. However, if I'm to be honest about my professional experience, Chris was the most outstanding in-ring performer I've ever competed against.

That's an uncomfortable truth." This discussion, undeniably, provides a nuanced perspective on the professional wrestling industry's struggle to reconcile the horrifying personal acts of a man who was, nevertheless, a prodigious talent in the ring.

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