Seth Rollins Reacts to 'Fake Champion' Jibe at WWE Show


Seth Rollins Reacts to 'Fake Champion' Jibe at WWE Show

Aiming to restore the grandeur of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Seth "The Architect" Rollins has been facing a barrage of criticism from some segments of fans dissatisfied with his reign. A recent incident at the WWE SuperShow held in Miami, Florida highlighted this, where a voice from the crowd audaciously dubbed Rollins a "fake-a** champion," catching the champion's attention.

Rollins Defends Championship Stance

In a report from WrestlingNewsCo, Rollins confessed that the burden of being a defending champion was starting to weigh heavily on him. However, he steadfastly asserted that his commitment to guarding his title epitomizes the kind of champion he believes the fans genuinely deserve.

Speaking passionately, he told the crowd, "I stand here in your city, perspiring profusely, shedding my own blood. I am anything but a fake-a** champion. I am a fighting champion because both you and I deserve a champion who is willing to sweat and bleed for his title.

You deserve a visionary. You deserve a revolutionary. You deserve World Champion Seth 'Freakin' Rollins!" Interestingly, the majority of fans present at the arena did not share the negative sentiment of the unruly crowd member.

Following Rollins' fervent rebuttal of the "fake-a** champion" insult, the arena resonated with a loud "beat his a**" chant. This widespread reaction suggests that a significant portion of the WWE Universe is supportive of Rollins' determined efforts, even though he inevitably faces occasional detractors.

Looking ahead, Rollins is set to defend his title at the upcoming WWE SummerSlam against Finn Balor, the winner at Judgment Day. While commentator Bully Ray has expressed his preference for a Balor victory, it's indisputable that Rollins will likely have a substantial portion of the crowd rallying behind him when the opening bell rings.

The suspense remains high as it's unclear whether Rollins will manage to retain his title on the big night, especially with Balor's faction standing strong behind him.

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