Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus Set for 8/14 WWE Raw in Canada


Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus Set for 8/14 WWE Raw in Canada

In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated showdown between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus at WWE SummerSlam has been postponed. The WWE Universe was eagerly awaiting the encounter, but Monday night's "Raw" brought disappointment and frustration instead of resolution.

Becky Lynch, determined to face off against the legendary Trish Stratus, took matters into her own hands during the latest episode of "Raw." Calling out Stratus for an impromptu match, Lynch seemed on the brink of making her dream bout a reality.

Despite Stratus's initial hesitation, WWE official Adam Pearce ultimately sanctioned the confrontation.

Anticipation Turns to Disappointment: Lynch vs. Stratus Delayed

As the bell rang, anticipation reached its peak. However, Lynch's hopes for a decisive victory were dashed when Zoey Stark, the formidable competitor, interfered, causing a disqualification win for Lynch.

This outcome was far from the satisfaction Lynch desired, and tensions escalated as Stratus and Stark engaged in a brawl ringside. Their sudden exit further stoked the anticipation for a future face-off. However, backstage encounters with Adam Pearce brought unexpected news.

The mere seconds-long match held no weight, and Lynch's dream encounter against Stratus was now delayed for two weeks. The next "Raw" episode, to take place at the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, was set to witness the rescheduled showdown.

Adding to the intrigue, Pearce decreed that Stark would be banned from ringside, eliminating any chance of interference in the anticipated clash. While WWE officials haven't explicitly revealed the reason behind the postponement, reports suggest that Becky Lynch has been dealing with an injury in recent weeks.

The decision to push back the match was reportedly made over the weekend, prioritizing the health and well-being of the Superstar. Becky Lynch's absence from the WWE events since her victory over Stark on the previous week's "Raw" only intensified the eagerness surrounding the match against Stratus.

The stipulation of the last week's bout had added tremendous stakes, with Lynch's win securing her spot against Stratus at SummerSlam, while a loss would have resulted in a rather unconventional consequence—a "Thank You Trish" tattoo on her chest.

In a video posted on WWE's social media, Lynch's frustration was palpable as she tossed aside "Thank You Trish" t-shirts in a merchandise area. With the SummerSlam match in jeopardy and her aspirations hanging in the balance, Lynch's plea to Stratus echoed throughout the WWE Universe: What would it take to convince the legendary Trish Stratus to accept the challenge? As WWE fans eagerly await the rescheduled clash between two generations of Superstars, the anticipation continues to build, with hopes that both Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus will be in peak condition for their long-awaited encounter at WWE SummerSlam.

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