Additional Conditions Set for Ronda Rousey-Shayna Baszler Clash at WWE SummerSlam

Discontent surfaces as Baszler calls out Rousey's quick rise.

by Noman Rasool
Additional Conditions Set for Ronda Rousey-Shayna Baszler Clash at WWE SummerSlam

In a thrilling announcement, WWE has officially added a distinct element to the much-anticipated SummerSlam showdown between Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. This keenly awaited face-off will now be conducted under the stipulation of mixed martial arts rules, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans familiar with the pair's previous stints as active MMA fighters.

While neither Rousey nor Baszler made a live appearance during the recent Monday night's "Raw" episode, their presence was strongly felt in a series of hype videos. These promotional clips highlighted the extensive and intricate history between the two wrestlers, a saga that precedes their entry into the professional wrestling industry.

"Baszler's Grievances with Rousey"

Baszler opened up about her longstanding grievances with Rousey in an emotionally charged airing. She expressed her frustration about Rousey's rapid ascendancy in MMA and WWE, often, as Baszler suggests, at the expense of others who had paved the way before her.

"This whole thing has been set up from day one for her to be elevated to this position despite everyone else's work, namely me, who'd come before her," Baszler voiced, indicating her readiness to confront this issue at SummerSlam.

Deepening this confrontation's personal element, Baszler, the godmother to Rousey's daughter, offered a chilling prediction. She forecasted that her actions against Rousey at SummerSlam would be so intense that Rousey's daughter would never forgive her, adding an extra layer of emotional intensity to their upcoming match.

Behind the scenes, speculations are rife that Rousey's forthcoming match at SummerSlam might be her last in the WWE for the foreseeable future. According to sources, Rousey has a definitive deadline for when she intends to begin her subsequent hiatus from professional wrestling.

Before this planned break, Rousey was keen to engage in an on-screen feud with her longtime friend and colleague, Baszler. Their storyline, which began as a friendly on-screen relationship, took an unexpected turn at Money in the Bank when Baszler shockingly betrayed Rousey mid-match, costing them their WWE Women's Tag Team Titles.

Therefore, this anticipated match at SummerSlam promises to be a captivating mix of personal drama and professional rivalry.

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