Ricardo Rodriguez Speaks About His Time After WWE


Ricardo Rodriguez Speaks About His Time After WWE

Ricardo Rodriguez had to deal with a severe addiction during his life. The addiction robbed him of his passion for professional wrestling. He is one of the many wrestling personalities that got effected due to an addiction.

Ricardo Rodriguez Talks About His Battle With His Alcohol Addiction

Ricardo was known for being Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer when he worked for the WWE.

Ricardo started working in the professional wrestling industry in 2006. He has worn many hats since he made his first appearance, nearly 20 years ago. He has performed as a masked luchador, a ring announcer, a commentator, and a backstage producer.

He has worked for a number of promotions during this time. Ricardo requested the WWE to release him in 2014. He admitted that he had to develop himself after he left the WWE. "When I called the office and I was like, 'Hey I'm done.

I want my release,' at first, it was interesting because I was bitter and I was angry," he said. "I hated everything. I hated anything wrestling. I hated WWE. I was upset at everything. That's where my drinking got very heavy because I was trying to find an escape or a way to justify how I was feeling." Ricardo used his knowledge to help The Great Khali start a wrestling school in India.

This helped start an indie wrestling scene in India. From there, Ricardo fought his alcohol addiction. He travelled to Texas, Mexico City, Egypt, and Los Angeles to work with different wrestling schools. He shared the problems that he had to face when he traveled to these wrestling schools.

"I would just move on to the next place, but during that time frame, I got very heavily involved with alcohol because I was always on the go," he continued. "I had nothing to keep me anywhere. And I just kept making bad choice after bad choice in life.

Anywhere that I went, I would always find a way to find my fix of booze." Ricardo is still trying to get rid of his addiction. He made his return to rehab in 2022, to deal with his growing problems. He worked on a documentary during this time titled "Wrestling With Recovery".

Ricardo worked as an agent for Major League Wrestling during this time. Ricardo is planning to launch his wrestling school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He will most likely run shows during the fall.

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