Unmasking Cody Rhodes: A Wrestling Journey

Inside the Ring: Cody Rhodes' Unfiltered Story

by Noman Rasool
Unmasking Cody Rhodes: A Wrestling Journey

Cody Rhodes, one of professional wrestling's most prominent figures, recently sat down with Sam Roberts to discuss his new documentary, "Becoming Cody Rhodes," which is available on NBC's streaming service, Peacock. In a candid and revealing conversation, Rhodes opened up about his journey from amateur wrestling to WWE superstardom, his independent wrestling detour, and his instrumental role in establishing All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The film, a poignant narrative of the American Nightmare's storied wrestling career, ends on a somewhat bittersweet note with Rhodes' defeat at WrestleMania 39 by Roman Reigns. This moment of introspection prompted Rhodes to share his deep-seated feelings of having disappointed the documentary crew.

“To be honest, I felt like I had let them down," Rhodes admitted. "The narrative usually culminates with the protagonist victorious, and that wasn't the case here." However, he acknowledged the importance of allowing the documentary team to portray their version of his story, without any interference.

He praised the film as a balanced and truthful account of his life and career.

Rhodes' Journey Continues: Behind the Scenes and Beyond

Rhodes expressed deep gratitude to Matt and Nick Jackson, better known as the Young Bucks, for providing the documentary with footage from their popular YouTube show, "Being The Elite".

This collaborative gesture greatly enriched the documentary's narrative, offering viewers an unparalleled behind-the-scenes look into the wrestling world. As Rhodes discussed his new documentary, he also gave some insights into his future.

"I hope we can do a part two, I really do. If we can't, it's okay, I'm going to make my own part two," he declared. His determination to continue sharing his journey resonates with fans and aspiring wrestlers alike. In a separate interview, the wrestling star shared his thoughts on the much-anticipated main event between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns at this Saturday’s SummerSlam.

Wrestling enthusiasts and fans of "Becoming Cody Rhodes" are eager to hear his perspectives on the current WWE landscape. "Becoming Cody Rhodes" offers an in-depth look at Rhodes' journey, blending high-stakes drama, personal revelation, and candid insights into the wrestling world.

It’s not just for die-hard wrestling fans, but also for those interested in the personal journey of one of the industry's top superstars. Tune in to Peacock to witness this immersive journey, and don't miss Rhodes' continuing story in the wrestling world.

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