Update on Rey Mysterio After SmackDown Injury

Unsettling incident unfolds at recent SmackDown event in New Orleans

by Noman Rasool
Update on Rey Mysterio After SmackDown Injury

In a chilling episode on SmackDown held in New Orleans, WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio clashed with his LWO teammate Santos Escobar. This bout had the potential for a shot at Austin Theory's prestigious US Title. This highly anticipated contest took an alarming turn when Escobar executed a forceful dive to the outside.

Mysterio sustained a harsh landing on the back of his head in the aisleway. Following this disturbing incident, a ringside doctor quickly evaluated Mysterio's condition. The bout was subsequently halted, with Escobar being declared the winner in light of the unforeseen circumstances.

The wrestling commentator and reporter Dave Meltzer provided a comprehensive breakdown of the unfortunate incident on Wrestling Observer Radio. He confirmed that Mysterio has, fortunately, recovered from the incident. However, he also made note of another instance during the match where the former WWE Champion seemed to suffer a minor setback before the more serious injury he sustained later.

Mysterio's Early Match Injury Explained

Examining the incident in detail, Meltzer described how Escobar launched a cross-body attack on Mysterio a few minutes before the match's culmination. Following this, it was evident that Mysterio was stunned.

The referee intervened at this point, leading to a brief interruption in the action. Mysterio appeared momentarily disoriented, but after a brief respite, he regained his bearings and continued the bout. However, the subsequent top spot, where he endured a heavy blow to his head, marked his second, more severe injury.

Meltzer elaborated that the match should have been halted following the top, especially considering it was Mysterio's second injury in a short span. Mysterio struggled to recover quickly from this incident. During the commercial break, he was tended to by medical personnel.

As per Meltzer's understanding, Mysterio is now fine. He also emphasized that "fine" was relative, given that Mysterio had quickly taken two heavy blows. At the time of reporting, Meltzer wasn't sure about the status of Mysterio's concussion or whether he'd be taking time off. The only concrete information he had received was that Mysterio was reportedly doing okay following the incident.

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