Bully Ray Vision for Ricochet's WWE Future

WWE veteran Bully Ray critiques Ricochet's on-screen personality.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Vision for Ricochet's WWE Future

Legendary wrestler Bully Ray voiced his disappointment over the recent persona and demeanor of Ricochet on WWE Raw, expressing his dissatisfaction on the "Busted Open" radio show. Bully’s critique emerged from this week's face-off between Ricochet and Logan Paul, who are slated for a SummerSlam showdown.

The veteran wrestler contended that Logan Paul was shouldering the feud single-handedly, carrying the weight of the rivalry more than Ricochet. Ray explained how the crowd had cheered for Ricochet when he made his entrance, not due to the wrestler’s popularity, but rather, a general dislike for Logan Paul and because the segment was the first of the show.

Bully Ray Criticizes Ricochet's Reaction

As Ricochet heard the chants, he looked at the camera, seemingly seeking recognition for his popularity, a move that clearly irritated Bully Ray. "I just wanted to reach through my TV screen and slap him," Bully confessed, asserting that the crowd's chants were more about the situation's timing and their distaste for Paul, rather than their adoration for Ricochet.

Analyzing Ricochet's performance, Bully argued that the wrestler was missing the "true fire" an engaging character ought to have. He suggested that Ricochet needs to inject more "bass" into his voice to bolster his persona's impact.

Ray firmly believes that someone from WWE needs to work with Ricochet to draw out his true emotions, asking, "What makes you mad?" This advice comes from Bully Ray's extensive experience in wrestling, where he has learned how to manipulate every potential weakness of his opponents.

He pointed out that Paul had deliberately provoked Ricochet by bringing up his girlfriend during their confrontation, a move that did not seem to rattle Ricochet as much as it should have, according to both Bully Ray and co-host Dave LaGreca.

LaGreca suggested that Ricochet should have shown a stronger response, potentially by "slapping the mic out of Logan Paul's hand." Such a move would not only have underscored his assertiveness but also have created a captivating spectacle for the audience.

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