Natalya Eager for Unforeseen Charlotte Flair Moves in WWE

Exploring a new perspective on WWE's star, Charlotte Flair.

by Atia Mukhtar
Natalya Eager for Unforeseen Charlotte Flair Moves in WWE

Ever since her introduction into WWE's female division, Charlotte Flair has been an imposing figure, stamping her dominance repeatedly. However, Natalya, the previous holder of the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship, recently expressed a concern.

She opines that the "resilient" Flair's character, in its existing form, may run the risk of appearing monotonous. In a candid conversation with Sportskeeda, Natalya unveiled a desire to witness a completely different facet of Flair.

"The aspect of extreme vulnerability in Charlotte is something that remains to be seen," she commented. As she further explained, it's not Flair's weaknesses that are in question here. Rather, it's about projecting her in a deeply vulnerable scenario that remains unexplored.

For Natalya, such vulnerability adds a layer of depth to the character, making it more compelling.

Flair's Strength: A Double-Edged Sword

Natalya opines that Flair's synonymous association with strength and empowerment serves as a double-edged sword.

While it affirms her as the most successful Women's Champion ever, it also limits the exploration of her character's range. "Imagine how riveting it would be for the audience to see a thoroughly vulnerable Charlotte," Natalya proposed.

She has yet to witness Flair be truly "knocked down". This dramatic shift, according to the ex-Hart Foundation member, could be the key to "dismantling the fourth wall", allowing fans to connect with Flair on a more human level.

She acknowledges that Flair's swift rise to fame was aided by her title victories, but feels that she lacks the emotional "moments" that have humanized stars like Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns. Natalya cited these men's current struggles involving their kin as examples.

The stage for Flair to perhaps exhibit this desired vulnerability is set for this coming weekend at SummerSlam. Here, she will clash with Asuka, the reigning Women's Champion, and the tenacious Bianca Belair in a fierce Triple Threat Match for the championship title.

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