Samantha Irvin, WWE Raw's Ring Announcer, Enjoys Announcing Particular Star's Name

Samantha Irvin shares insights on her favorite WWE performers.

by Noman Rasool
Samantha Irvin, WWE Raw's Ring Announcer, Enjoys Announcing Particular Star's Name

Amidst the abundant talent in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) landscape, ring announcer Samantha Irvin has revealed her favorite performer to watch and announce inside the ring. During a recent "Busted Open Radio" interview, Irvin couldn't contain her enthusiasm about a particular wrestler.

"This is random, but the first person that comes to my mind is Butch," Irvin shared with listeners. "That's the first person I'm just like, 'Oh, Butch has a match? Oh, okay, it's about to be crazy tonight.' "

Butch's Intense Focus Captivates Irvin

When questioned why the former Pete Dunne, now known as Butch, was a standout to her, Irvin eloquently described him as wild and intensely focused within the squared circle.

"I think because he is locked in from the minute, he comes out until he leaves. His eyes are locked in. Physically, he's locked in," she explained. Butch's commitment to his character and performance has caught Irvin's eye, resonating with her passion for the sport.

She's not only enchanted by his presence but seems to feel an anticipation for his matches that is unique among the roster. Irvin also took the opportunity to highlight the trio of GUNTHER, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci, known collectively as Imperium, as some of her other favorite acts within WWE's current lineup.

She candidly joked about her relationship with GUNTHER, saying, "Well, you know they keep couples together, so they had to keep me and GUNTHER together. That's what I'm telling people. I love Imperium and the whole thing with [saying Ludwig Kaiser's name] and how it all sounds." She added that her specific pronunciation of Kaiser's name came quite naturally to her during his introduction, hinting at the intuitive connection she has with her role and the wrestlers she introduces.

Since joining WWE in 2021, Irvin has brought a unique flair to her role, serving as the ring announcer for the "WWE SmackDown" brand in 2022 and 2023. She transitioned to "WWE Raw" in April of this year following the WWE Draft.

Her passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to her role have made her a beloved figure in professional wrestling. With talents like Butch and Imperium at the forefront of her favorites, it's clear that her appreciation runs deep for those who truly bring a sense of excitement and drama to the ring.

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