How Did Drew McIntyre Spend His Time During Absence


How Did Drew McIntyre Spend His Time During Absence
How Did Drew McIntyre Spend His Time During Absence

Drew McIntyre rose to the top of the WWE just before the pandemic era. He is a very strong and charismatic wrestler. Drew is currently in his second WWE run. During his first run, he was just an average mid-card wrestler.

Drew McIntyre Speaks About What He Was Doing During his 3 Month Absence

After leaving the WWE, Drew became one of Impact Wrestling’s top stars.

That is when the WWE started to notice him. After returning to the WWE, Drew had to work hard to get to the top of the company. The WWE used him almost every week, and he was involved in some major storylines over the past 3 years.

Recently, it was reported that Drew had to take time off to deal with health problems. It reportedly caused a problem for the creative department as well. It was also rumored that he would leave the WWE soon. Triple H recently confirmed that Drew was simply sidelined due to an injury.

He stated that Drew was definitely not on his way out of the WWE, as it was rumored. Drew appeared on Cheap Heat recently to provide more details on what he was doing after he took time off after WrestleMania 39. "It was a unique situation where what was going on, I had to get a couple of things fixed but it didn't require physical therapy like a lot of things I've had to deal with in the past," McIntyre said.

"So I was able to enjoy my time and spend time with the family and the cats and get some projects taken care of outside of the ring. Sometimes stepping and getting a view outside the bubble is something that is very helpful for where you want to go as a person and with your career." "I've learned the hard way when I was younger getting fired [from WWE] and I had to step outside the bubble and get perspective again.

And this opportunity allowed me to see things a little clearer and allowed people to talk a lot on the internet," said the former WWE Champion. Drew took about 3 months off after WrestleMania 39. He returned at the Money in The Bank PPV event, which took place on the 1st of July.

He had his sights on GUNTHER’s Intercontinental title at that time. Drew is set to face GUNTHER on the 5th of August. It will be at SummerSlam.

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