Ricochet's Journey: Building Courage for High-Flying Stunts


Ricochet's Journey: Building Courage for High-Flying Stunts

Ricochet, one of WWE's most daring high-flying performers, recently discussed the courage required to execute his breathtaking maneuvers. Far from being a matter of slowly building confidence, he revealed that for him, courage is an instantaneous and automatic thing.

"You don't build the courage up; you just gotta go. You can't stop and think about it. Because if you stop and think about it for a second, the courage will go down. You know what I mean?" he explained. "Courage comes from when you're not thinking, you know what I mean, you gotta use...

I never do anything that I don't think is beyond my abilities. I try to stay within my capabilities. But when I'm in there, it's a split-second decision, done on the spot, because the more you sit there and think about it, the more the courage will go down, at least in my experience."

Daring Moves, Painful Consequences

These profound insights reveal the mindset of a man who has thrilled audiences with his acrobatics and fearlessness.

But with such daring come physical consequences. When asked about which maneuver hurts the most, Ricochet's answer was swift and candid: "I mean the 630, every single time, the 630. Whether it's my neck or my back or something? It's usually...

It's a painful move for both people in the ring. Anything where you are landing on someone, doesn't feel good when you're coming down. I'm sure you've seen Montez do his Frog Splash from the rafters like that hurts both of us.

Or when I'm doing my Shooting Star, at least that will hurt both people." The raw honesty with which Ricochet speaks about his profession serves as a sobering reminder of the risks these athletes take in pursuit of entertainment.

While fans marvel at the aerial spectacle, the pain and precision behind these maneuvers remain largely hidden. The interview with Ricochet not only provides a fascinating look into the mind of a unique athlete but also illuminates the blend of talent, intuition, and courage required to be a high-flying WWE superstar.

His words remind us that while courage may not be something you can prepare for, it is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success in the high-octane world of professional wrestling.