Drew McIntyre Teases Big Money Feud with Cody Rhodes: 'It'll Be A Big Deal


Drew McIntyre Teases Big Money Feud with Cody Rhodes: 'It'll Be A Big Deal

Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior, recently sat down with Phil Strum for an insightful conversation on Under The Ring. During the discussion, he took a stroll down memory lane and reminisced about his earlier days in the tag team division with Cody Rhodes, affectionately dubbed the Dashing Ones.

When both wrestlers were around 24, McIntyre and Rhodes teamed up as the Tag Team Champions. "We were the Tag Team Champions; we were both about 24, The Dashing Ones. A lot of people forget that, but yeah, they have similar journeys.

We got The Dashing One's thing, and there are many other story elements and things that weren't even on TV that can be touched upon," McIntyre fondly recalled. As two individuals whose careers have seen parallel ascents, McIntyre and Rhodes have evolved significantly since their time as the Dashing Ones and faced different challenges.

Still, their paths have been intertwined with shared experiences and memories.

Feud Seen as Lucrative Opportunity

The idea of a McIntyre and Rhodes feud isn't just a thrilling prospect for fans; it's also seen as a lucrative opportunity by McIntyre.

With their shared history and individual accomplishments, the clash will create a buzz in the wrestling world. However, the immediate focus for the Scottish Warrior is on something other than Rhodes but on GUNTHER, his adversary for this Saturday's SummerSlam.

McIntyre will face the daunting challenge of competing for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The juxtaposition of past triumphs and current hurdles adds complexity to McIntyre's story. While the idea of reigniting the rivalry with Rhodes lurks in the background, GUNTHER stands between McIntyre and the Intercontinental Championship.

As fans await this weekend's clash, the intriguing prospect of a McIntyre and Rhodes feud will continue to simmer, promising to unleash excitement and nostalgia when the time is right. The Scottish Warrior has spoken, and the wrestling world listens with bated breath.

The future is ripe with possibilities, and a clash between these two icons will undoubtedly be a "big deal" when it finally happens.

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