Saraya Believes AEW Women’s Division Can Host Multiple Matches at All In London


Saraya Believes AEW Women’s Division Can Host Multiple Matches at All In London

The anticipation for All In London, AEW's biggest show in history, is reaching a fever pitch, with over 70,000 tickets already sold. The event is rapidly approaching the all-time gate record and promises an unforgettable night of wrestling action.

One topic stirring excitement is the potential for multiple women's matches at the event, something fervently championed by former multi-time women's champion Saraya. Taking to Twitter, Saraya shared her enthusiasm and hope for the women's division, emphasizing that it's an opportunity for female wrestlers to shine on a grand stage.

Her post read: "Well. It's a big show, going to be a longer one, too, and putting my opinion about myself aside and thinking of the division as a whole. The women deserve an opportunity, and with ample time, we could have multiple matches and utilize the weeks between now and then to start telling a couple of different stories leading up to what's going to be the biggest wrestling event in history.

Saraya Advocates for AEW Women

Saraya's words underline a growing sentiment that the women of AEW deserve a significant spotlight at such a momentous event. The notion of using the intervening weeks to weave engaging narratives and build up to not just one but several women's matches could redefine the role of women in professional wrestling.

As of this writing, official partners for the event have yet to be announced. Saraya's recent comments also highlight her passion for the industry and desire to see the women's division flourish. Just last month, she opened up about her time in WWE, and specifically, how the company closed the door on her getting her neck checked for an in-ring return.

The implications of Saraya's call for multiple women's matches at All In London go beyond just this event. It speaks to a broader movement within professional wrestling to provide women with the platform and opportunities they deserve.

The anticipation for All In London is already substantial, but if Saraya's vision comes to fruition, it could mark a turning point in the women's division, setting a precedent for future events and adding a thrilling new dimension to AEW's already exhilarating show.

As fans eagerly await official announcements about the matches, Saraya's inspiring words stand as a rallying cry for a more inclusive and exciting era of professional wrestling. Her advocacy for the women's division could resonate far beyond All In London, potentially shaping the future of the sport.

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