Chad Gable Expresses Concern Over Maxxine Dupri Threatening His WWE Position


Chad Gable Expresses Concern Over Maxxine Dupri Threatening His WWE Position

Maxxine Dupri's recent inclusion in the Alpha Academy has become a talking point in the WWE Universe, adding a new dimension to the landscape. With Chad Gable's expert guidance, Dupri is not merely embracing her in-ring role but excelling at it.

Her recent victory over Valhalla showcases the rapid development of her skills, adding a unique layer to her persona. However, this progress is not without its complications. While the fans are loving Maxxine's new moves and her growing dominance in the ring, Gable, a former Tag Team Champion, has begun to voice some concerns.

Speaking candidly on "After The Bell," Gable expressed a surprising worry about Dupri's approach to her craft. "Mostly my moves, so I've got to reel her back a little bit on that because before you know it, she's going to be doing all my stuff better than me and then I'll be out of a job," Gable remarked.

"She's taken over the 'shoosh,' my moves, the 'thank you,' and she's a star now."

Dupri's WWE Triumph

Dupri's evolution as a performer has been swift and eye-catching. Her success over Valhalla in this week's "WWE Raw" marked her first-ever singles match victory on WWE television.

Such achievement is not just a testament to her talent but also to Gable's effective mentoring. Otis, another member of the Alpha Academy, was not short of confidence about Maxxine's chances against Valhalla prior to the "Raw" match-up.

"Valhalla is a very tough opponent and I believe this is a normal contest, one-on-one, lady vs lady, and I think we are very confident behind her, and coach here [Gable] has the plan," he stated. This episode presents an intriguing dilemma for Gable.

His protégé's rapid ascent is undeniably a testament to his coaching acumen, but the mirroring of his own signature moves and style might become a problem. Gable's playful concern about being "out of a job" underscores an interesting dynamic that might impact his career.

For now, Dupri's rise remains a highlight in WWE's programming, reflecting not just her potential but also the effectiveness of the Alpha Academy's training. Whether this leads to any professional rivalry with Gable or takes their collaboration to new heights remains an intriguing subplot to watch in the coming weeks.

Her victory over Valhalla, and the way she achieved it, has set a precedent, and WWE fans will no doubt be watching her next moves with keen interest.

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