Booker T Lauds WWE Star; NXT Great American Bash to Feature Title Match


Booker T Lauds WWE Star; NXT Great American Bash to Feature Title Match
Booker T Lauds WWE Star; NXT Great American Bash to Feature Title Match

Despite the loss to Carmelo Hayes at the "WWE NXT" Great American Bash, Ilja Dragunov's performance has garnered attention and acclaim, most notably from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. On the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker emphatically declared Dragunov versus Hayes as the standout match of The Great American Bash.

The showdown, an engaging 24-minute spectacle, had Hayes defending his "NXT" Championship against the tenacious Dragunov. This contest was a thrilling "clash of techniques" that WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels, praised.

Though Hayes retained his title, Booker lavished immense praise on Dragunov for his relentless effort. "[My] props go to Drag," Booker asserted. "Dragunov brought the fight, making Carmelo Hayes bring everything in that fight to walk out 'and still the "NXT" Champion.'

Dragunov is a guy that, when you look at him, you believe."

Dragunov's Unique Ring Aura

Booker went on to discuss the unique aura that Dragunov brings to the ring, contrasting his style with other competitors. "This is what I say about fans," he explained, emphasizing Dragunov's ability to capture audience attention.

"When Ilja Dragunov comes out, the kid goes, 'Oh, man, wait a minute. You saw those other matches? Watch this guy.' That's the ticket. That's what Dragunov brings to the table." Not only did Booker appreciate Dragunov's relentless approach, but he also praised Hayes for his ability to meet the challenge.

"Carmelo Hayes was in the fight of his life, and he brought it," Booker extolled. "He performed exactly as I expected from this young man on a weekly basis: wrestling at the highest level, and when it's time to fight, he can bring the noise.

That's what I saw that night." In sum, the match between Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes at The Great American Bash was more than just a championship bout; it was a demonstration of contrasting styles, resilience, and skill that has resonated with fans and experts alike.

This unforgettable clash has not only set a high standard for future "NXT" matches but has also solidified both wrestlers as must-watch talents in the WWE universe. Their performance, symbolizing the very essence of professional wrestling, earns both athletes respect and admiration, leaving fans eager for what's to come in their promising careers.

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