Kevin Owens Cites 2018 as WWE Career Low Point

Wrestling veteran Kevin Owens reflects on his tumultuous career journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Owens Cites 2018 as WWE Career Low Point

Kevin Owens, a seasoned veteran of over 20 years in the wrestling business, including a nine-year stint with WWE, recently opened up about what he considers a low point in his illustrious career. While reflecting on his journey, filled with ups and downs, Owens pinpointed 2018 as a year of struggle and dissatisfaction within WWE.

In a candid interview on "TNT Sports," Owens expressed his frustration with the direction of his character at that time. "2018 I thought was a really low point for me in WWE because I remember I wasn't doing stuff that I thought was as important as it could've been," he said.

"I thought I wasn't being showcased the way I should be, which is something that everybody at one point in their career is going to go through and feel, right?"

Owens' Struggles with Dissatisfaction

Owens reminisced about the two prior years, which were filled with highlights, but admitted he often found himself preoccupied with the future rather than embracing the present.

This mindset led to a growing dissatisfaction, especially once he was transitioned into programs with Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. He described feeling like a "crash test dummy," adding, "Nothing against those guys, but literally, I was just a crash test dummy.

I did very well because I gave everything I had into it. But, it also took a toll on my body a lot, and at the end of 2018, I was like, 'I think I need some time [off]' because I wasn't enjoying any of it." During this challenging phase, Owens sought advice from WWE legends Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon.

Their encouragement to live in the moment resonated with him. Owens recalled their conversations and how their words helped him see things differently. The realization that he required surgery on both of his knees further compelled him to take time off to heal physically and mentally.

This break became a turning point, allowing Owens to shift his mentality and approach to his career. In retrospect, 2018 stands as a year of learning and growth for Kevin Owens, despite the difficulties. The experience provided him not only with physical recovery but also valuable insights from industry icons.

It's a testament to his resilience and dedication to his craft that he was able to overcome this low point and continue to thrive in the wrestling world, a constant reminder that even the most successful careers can have challenging chapters.

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