WWE Sought Nate Diaz vs. Logan Paul Fight, Diaz Claims


WWE Sought Nate Diaz vs. Logan Paul Fight, Diaz Claims

Nate Diaz, the well-known mixed martial artist and winner of "The Ultimate Fighter 5," was in talks to have a boxing match with Logan Paul last year. However, according to a new report from ESPN, WWE's attempt to get involved in the negotiations spoiled Diaz's interest in the fight, creating a rift between the two fighters and the organization.

"The WWE came in and then they wanted to take over the whole thing," Diaz remarked in a recent interview. He explained that having just finished up his contract with UFC, he hoped to explore his options without any binding contractual obligations and felt that WWE's intrusion was unwelcome.

Diaz's displeasure with WWE's approach also stemmed from a perceived mismatch between WWE's brand and his own "bad boy" image. "I fight for real," he stated emphatically. "I'm not gonna be doing a real fight on a WWE card or no funny stuff like that." This sentiment appears to reflect his desire to maintain the authenticity and integrity of his fighting career.

Logan Paul Calls Out Diaz

Logan Paul, however, saw Diaz's reluctance to work with WWE as a "cop out" and accused him of being afraid to face the "stronger, older" Paul brother. "You can still be a real fighter with the biggest sports organization in the world promoting your fight," Logan responded.

"It's a little lame to me, and I can definitely sell more tickets. I see what he's doing. I'm the harder fight." Despite the failed negotiations with WWE, fight fans still have something to look forward to: Diaz is scheduled to fight Logan's brother, Jake, on Wednesday, August 23 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

This will mark Diaz's professional boxing debut, and he faces a formidable opponent in Jake Paul, who currently boasts a 6-win, 1-loss record in professional boxing. Interestingly, Jake Paul has expressed interest in joining WWE in the past, following his brother Logan, who made a major splash by signing with WWE in 2022.

The signing of Logan was the first significant move by Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Stephanie McMahon during the "retirement" of Vince McMahon. This development highlights the complex relationships and interests at play between fighters, promoters, and organizations.

While the desired Diaz-Logan Paul match may have slipped through the fingers of fight fans, the upcoming bout between Diaz and Jake Paul, along with the potential for further crossover between boxing and WWE, continues to create intrigue and excitement in the world of combat sports.

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