Robert Anthony Disheartening Journey as Cyon in NWA

Robert Anthony's Candid Confession: Struggles in NWA

by Noman Rasool
Robert Anthony Disheartening Journey as Cyon in NWA

In a revealing appearance on the podcast "Podding With Ego," Robert Anthony, the seasoned wrestler known for his persona "Egotistico Fantastico," shed light on his unfortunate experience portraying Cyon in NWA. Anthony opened up about his genuine aversion to the character, disclosing that it was thrust upon him by NWA management, leaving his heart and soul uncommitted to the role right from the start.

Cyon was intended to be a nostalgic throwback, but Anthony's inner circle vehemently opposed the idea. During this period, he was actively involved in AEW and garnered recognition through his performances on AEW Dark during the pandemic.

The question posed by many was simple yet perplexing: Why abandon your true self and adopt an entirely different character? Anthony was equally puzzled by the decision, as he confessed during the podcast. Feeling obliged to pursue the masked throwback persona, Anthony began his Cyon journey but soon found himself grappling with internal confusion.

For over two decades, he had honed his craft as Robert Anthony or Egotistico Fantastico, and the sudden transformation seemed alien and unnatural to him. While Egotistico Fantastico embodied a crazy luchador style akin to El Generico, the Cyon character demanded a stark departure from his established identity.

This paradox, Anthony admitted, led to a sense of failure and emotional turmoil.

Confined Creativity: NWA's Restrictive Demands

The restrictions imposed on him as Cyon prevented him from being his authentic self, further intensifying his struggles.

NWA insisted on the character's black tights and wrestling boots, but the discomfort proved unbearable for Anthony. He found himself confined and unable to move freely, rendering nature even more challenging to portray. The disillusionment he experienced with this creative direction added to his overall discontent, leaving him feeling like a stranger within his profession.

Anthony's candid account offered a glimpse into the emotional and creative toll playing Cyon had on him. Wrestling had been an integral part of his life, and embodying a character without genuine passion proved arduous. As he navigated through the complexities of portraying Cyon, the once-thriving wrestler grappled with confusion, limiting his ability to embrace and excel in the new persona fully.

Ultimately, the podcast interview highlighted the challenges of being a professional wrestler and showcased the importance of staying true to one's identity and finding fulfillment in one's craft. Robert Anthony's introspective journey as Cyon is a poignant reminder that genuine authenticity can never be compromised, even in the glitzy world of wrestling entertainment.