WWE Executives praised LA Knight for boosting his own popularity

WWE's rising star LA Knight is turning heads in 2023

by Noman Rasool
WWE Executives praised LA Knight for boosting his own popularity

LA Knight's ascent within the WWE is turning heads among fans and the company's top brass. As 2023 unfolds, Knight has been steadily gaining traction, marked by increasingly thunderous crowd reactions and surging merchandise sales that surpass other stars further up the card.

While Knight was many fans' top choice to win the men's Money In The Bank briefcase back in July, the honor went to Damian Priest instead. Despite not having a featured match at the upcoming SummerSlam, Knight's participation in a battle royal keeps him in the spotlight.

What exactly do WWE executives think about LA Knight? Mike Johnson of PWInsider has provided some insightful details, revealing that the organization's decision-makers hold Knight in high regard. This recognition comes even though many fans feel that WWE has yet to fully capitalize on his potential by pushing him to the forefront.

Knight's unique ability to "get himself over" and "break the mold" of the character initially envisioned for him has earned him significant praise. His strong personality and crowd connection have exceeded initial expectations since joining the main roster.

LA Knight's Austin-like Rise

An interesting comparison has been made between LA Knight's run as Max Dupri and Stone Cold Steve Austin's early days as The Ringmaster. Just as the Ringmaster character might have ignited a fire under Austin, leading to his unparalleled success, the Dupri persona has done something similar for Knight.

Although fans may feel impatient for Knight to receive his big push, WWE executives are demonstrating a willingness to wait for the "right moment in time." They're carefully considering how best to utilize his appearances, determined not to "waste" them or diminish his momentum.

His incredible merchandise sales, ability to command the crowd, and distinct style have not gone unnoticed. The growth of LA Knight's reputation within the WWE mirrors the slow and steady rise of many sports greats. While the immediate future may seem uncertain, his accomplishments thus far indicate his promising trajectory.

As WWE carefully navigates its path, balancing anticipation with strategic timing, fans can only hope that LA Knight's potential will be realized in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the industry. There's no question that LA Knight has carved a niche for himself, and the expectation is that his journey has only just begun. Like Stone Cold Steve Austin before him, he appears poised to redefine his role and, possibly, the very fabric of WWE.

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